Lies of P - Where to Buy Hidden Moonstones

A guide on where to buy Hidden Moonstones in Lies of P, including shop location, requirements and conditions to purchase the upgrade material, required key items, merchant NPC, and other useful tips.

Lies of P - Where to Buy Hidden Moonstones

Where to Buy Hidden Moonstones in Lies of P

Can be bought at Polendina’s shop at Hotel Krat after giving him the Krat Supply Box.

You can buy Hidden Moonstones in Lies of P at Polendina’s shop (Hotel Krat) after giving him the Krat Supply Box functional item.  Once you hand over the required item, Polendina will add Hidden Moonstones to his stock as well as Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant and Bright Red Apples.

Hidden Moonstones cost 300 Ergo each and will be in unlimited supply at Polendina’s shop.

How to Get Krat Supply Box

The Krat Supply Box is found at the top of the wooden tower in St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel. The treasure chest containing the item is guarded by a mid-boss Decay enemy. After killing the enemy, check the right side of the passage to find the chest.

New Items at Polendina’s Shop (After Delivering Krat Supply Box)

Item Price (Ergo) Stock
Hidden Moonstone 300 Unlimited
Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant 1560 2
Bright Red Apples 1000 1

What are Hidden Moonstones?

Hidden Moonstone is a type of material used to upgrade normal weapons up to +3. The item is found as loot all throughout the game and is among the most useful collectibles to look for during the early chapters of the main story.

In-Game Description
“A rare enhancement material that can be obtained in different parts of Krat.
It can upgrade the blades of common weapons.
The moonstone was not from this world. However, it was the most optimal enhancement material.
In their urgency, technicians pushed forward with using the Moonstone for weapon upgrade without time to review it any further.”

Lies of P How to Upgrade Weapons

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