Lies of P - Best Stats to Level Up

Best stats to level up in Lies of P, including recommended attributes to raise, advantages and useful effects of raising each stat, best stat allocation for clearing the main story, and other useful tips.

Lies of P - Best Stats to Level Up

Best Stats to Level Up Guide for Lies of P

Give the most priority to Vitality.

The best stat to level up in Lies of P is Vitality which increases your maximum HP and improves Guard Regain. It goes without saying that every bit of additional HP may determine whether you actually live through or die from any attack that comes your way, especially with being able to guard or equip Amulets that improve survivability.

Increased HP

You will naturally want to be able to tank more hits while guarding or getting hit so having more health is always good. If you are unsure which stats to increase, just go with Vitality.

Having high HP is also useful for charging the Pulse Cell (a basic item used to recover HP) even when you have used it up. You can recharge the Pulse Cell whenever it is depleted by landing enemy attacks.

During boss fights, you want to start charging the Pulse Cell when it is empty. Having a high HP limit, therefore, lets you begin refilling the Pulse Cell without wasting anything.

Enhanced Guard Regain

The amount of HP you recover via Guard Regain also goes up with higher Vitality. Guard Regain is activated each time you attack the enemy after blocking their strikes which vastly improves your survivability throughout the game.

Taking advantage of the mechanic becomes increasingly important when fighting bosses, especially those you encounter toward the later chapters.

Put enough points into Vigor.

Increased Stamina

After Vitality, you should focus on putting points into Vigor to increase your maximum stamina. Depending on your chosen Combat Style, your initial stamina pool may not be enough to let you throw out consecutive attacks frequently using your preferred weapon.

Having more stamina also lets you perform defensive and evasive actions such as guarding or dodging more often which is essential during boss battles. Because of this, it is recommended to have at least 10 Vigor to gain the “Spirit” status.

Raise Capacity as needed.

Increased Equipment Load

Putting enough points into the Capacity stat is also important, especially if you prefer to wield heavy weapon combos and Legion Arms in battle. The heavier your current load, the slower you will move in the game. Stamina recovery will also take longer if you are under heavy load.

Running out of stamina can easily spell death in Lies of P so you would not want to run out of it during critical situations. If you are equipment load exceeds 60%, you will be under “Slightly Heavy” status. When this happens, put points into Capacity until you are within “Normal” load. Otherwise, you may need to switch out your gear to become lighter.

Choosing to raise Motivity, Technique, or Advance can be decided later.

No stat requirements to equip any weapon in the game.

Unlike most Soulsborne games, there are no minimum stat requirements to be able to equip any weapon in Lies of P. The attributes Motivity, Technique, and Advance simply determine the attack power scaling (damage increase) of wielding various types of armaments in the game.

▼Lies of P Best Builds
Motivity Build Technique Build Advance Build

Because of this key difference from Souls games, you do not need to respec stats just to be able to use a weapon.

Keep in mind that the stat scaling of most early-game weapons (handle) is quite small and only influences damage output (based on your Motivity, Technique, and Advance values) by a low degree.

During the beginning chapters of the game, it is recommended to focus on raising Vitality, Vigor, and Capacity as needed before putting a lot of points into any of the damage-scaling stats. This is to allow you to last long enough against unfamiliar regular enemies and bosses to learn and counter their moves throughout the game.

Lies of P Which Combat Style Should You Choose?

What Level to Beat the Game

The level at which players should be able to clear all chapters widely varies based on build, weapons and Legion Arms used, and player skill. Below is a summary of recommended levels for taking on some of the notable bosses during the main story.

Boss Chapter Recommended Level
Parade Master 1 14 or above
Mad Donkey 2 20  or above
Scrapped Watchman 2 24 or above
King’s Flame, Fuoco 3 35 or above
Fallen Archbishop Andreus 4 42 or above
Black Rabbit Brotherhood 5 51 or above
Mad Clown Puppet 6 (mid-game) 55 or above
Romeo, King of Puppets 6 (mid-game) 57 or above
Champion Victor 7 63 or above

As listed above, you should try aiming to be at around level 55 to 60 during the mid game stages (Chapter 6). By Chapter 11 (final chapter), most players will have reached around level 80 to 90 or even higher. Again, this is likely to vary from player to player.

Stats (Attributes) Summary

Stat Details
Vitality Affects your maximum HP, Guard Regain, and various defenses (Physical, Fire, Electricity, Acid).
Vigor Affects your maximum stamina and various defenses (Physical, Fire, Electricity, Acid).
Capacity Affects maximum carry weight and Legion Arm weight limit, and various defenses (Physical, Fire, Electricity, Acid).
Motivity Affects weapon damage (via Motivity scaling) and Legion Arm damage, and various defenses (Physical, Fire, Electricity, Acid).
Technique Affects weapon damage (via Technique scaling) and Legion Arm damage, and various defenses (Physical, Fire, Electricity, Acid).
Advance Affects weapon damage (via Advance scaling) and Legion Arm damage, various defenses (Fire, Electricity, Acid).

Lies of P Stats Guide

How to Respec Stats

Available after defeating Champion Victor in Chapter 7.

You can respec stats at the Saintess of Mercy Statue that only becomes accessible after beating Champion Victor at the Grand Exhibition Gallery during Chapter 7. Once you beat the boss, talk to Simon Manus to get the key to the indoor garden east of the boss area to find the saintess’ statue.

Lies of P How to Respec Stats

Stat reset requires Gold Coin Fruits.

You will need to use Gold Coin Fruits to reset your stats as well as your Legion Arm and P-Organ upgrades. The item can be obtained from from the Cold Coin Fruit Tree that you find after meeting Giangio at the Rabbit Brotherhood’s den.

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