Lies of P - Bug Report Board

Player Bug Report Board (forum) for Lies of P. Please use this page to post notices regarding various bugs and glitches encountered in the game and possible solutions to fix them.

Lies of P - Bug Report Board

Bug Report Board (Forum) for Lies of P

Bug Report Board for Lies of P. Please use this forum page to post notices regarding various bugs and glitches encountered and possible solutions for them in the game. To post on the board, please scroll to the bottom of this page under “Leave a Reply” and write your messages in the comment box.

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  1. Performance on Mac is just unacceptable. I have a 16′ M2 MacBook Pro with 1TB SSD and I’m only getting 40-55fps at full hd high settings. While all other games on Mac like Resident Evil 4 Remake & Death Stranding are delivering 40-50fps at Native 2k. I thought this was supposed to be the most well optimised game on Mac. It’s actually the worst. Yes, the perfomance is much better with metalfx but that makes the game look so blurry. The M2 Macbook Pro is such a powerful machine and this level of perfomance is just such a disappointment. Game is fantastic but the perfomance is so bad. Please, guys…if you’re seeing this, put some effort into optimising the game on Mac. We would all highly appreciate it.

  2. Cube/Wishstone does not replenish upon visiting a Stargazer nor upon death/revival, as stated in Wishstone item description. Only replenishment comes from visiting Giangio.

  3. Subtitles from the riddle call on Malum District are wrong in one bit of dialogue, they displayed a merchant’s dialogue.

    Just one line of dialogue was like this, the rest was fine

  4. Got the last riddle call from the same place that i got the previous call in, after reloading the location. When i got to the last telephone booth it was not ringing. Not a huge issue but still immersion breaking

  5. The Cannister Woman Carcass in the shack by the swamp ravine stargazer does not consistently yield ergo upon defeat. Sometimes you get the 821(Hunter’s Amulet)most times you don’t.

  6. Hi guys, I have a bug at the chapter 5 path of the pilgrim, after defeat the boss behind the gate, i suddenky whut the game down and when I get back the gate is lock and the monster is not coming out either.

    • When fighting the second phase of the green monster, the puppet devouring green monster, and die to the grab animation, you are soft locked and can’t reach the “lie or die” screen. have to exit game to get out of this bug. posted on latest update, 11/15 2023.

  7. I have a persistent informative message in the right corner of my screen that won’t go away, and takes quite a lot of visual. It appeared during the Andres fight and won’t disappear

  8. I have no Legion Calibers in my game.
    I have checked the locations mentioned in the guides online, including the chest near the merchant in Red Lobster Inn. I even defeated the dual stone shield enemy in Workshop Union.

  9. Banners hanging in Krat City Hall are backwards (blue left, red right, fish facing right) compared to the flags in the Scrapped Watchman boss room (red left, blue right, fish facing left).

  10. I’ve logged about 20 hours on PS5, got up to the gallery. Logged in today to play and all of my save data is gone, can’t resume activity, can only start a new game. This has really put me off playing again.

  11. So yesterday on steam, using xbox controler. I can’t record because of something wrong with my computer. I was having my ass kick by the rabits bros in the slump. After die for the 10ths times. I’m tired so I quit the game using the quit option in the menu instead of ctr f4. After couple of hours I’m back in, run to the boss area and there was no boss (black gate), still being blocked outside, no press A prompt to go inside but I still press. In the boss arena, the smaller one don’t go away like usual.
    Hypothesis glitch: The only unusual I did in the previous run is that I totalled the youngest one HP, he still jump away but I can hear he die on the back ground, killed by the spear bro.

  12. I’m in the chosen one trinity room with the king of riddles but he wont talk to me whatever I do so i can’t get the outfit or quarts, please fix this

  13. While using the piercing hatred amulet the frozen feast passive to make the rocks chip away so it can swing faster will not work while the amulet is actively blocking status buildup

  14. If you answer the 4th riddle incorrectly, Arlecchino tells you to give an apple to the statue of the red lady, which is impossible if you have already given it to Adelina so there is no way to get the 4th Trinity key.

  15. While playing on Xbox series X the Music glitched out and got stuck on one cord while fighting the lady in white, not a game breaking glitch. Very annoying though as it does not stop even when leaving the area and coming back.

  16. Not my bug but my friend doesn’t get weapons. Like she picks them up but they don’t show up in inventory, disassembled parts, storage, nothing just not there

    • If you answer the 4th riddle incorrectly, Arlecchino tells you to give an apple to the statue of the red lady, which is impossible if you have already given it to Adelina so there is no way to get the 4th Trinity key.

    • I have a similar bug where I buy throwables (throwing cell) and they don’t show up in bag or storage (just gone like I never purchased). They go into bag from farming until full, but never go into storage.

  17. In the second Black Rabbit Gang boss fight, there are several attacks that launch your character into the air. If you are launched into the air and land on some of the geometry of the level, you instantly die. This has happened to me every single time I have been launched in this fight.

  18. In Barren Swamp Boss phase 2 if he kills you with the grab move, your character will be standing upright and unable to move, access the pause menu, or use any items and the boss will be idle.

  19. HUGE BUG IN LIES OF P. Legion arm doesn’t work at all. The bar is completely full but when I press LT nothing happens. Sometimes restarting the game fixes the issue, but then as soon as I travel to another location the arm is broken again. Please help lol

  20. When Polendina confides with you about his love for Lady Antonia, he states that his ‘ego has awoken’. I’m unsure if this is intended, an error in the script or a legitimate bug. All the same, thought it should be posted.

  21. Huge bug with the aggro wishstone. It does not work. The Spector can literally be hitting for years at the boss’s backside and the boss will completely ignore the spector. I mean in a since that would be good if the spector didnt hit like 12 damage a swing. Kind of defeats the purpose of the wishstone entirely. Can it atleast be removed. So noone else gets conned into thinking it works.

  22. Not exactly a bug but:
    I’m still somewhat new in the game, and had received the police baton weapon earlier. I heard somewhere that you could disassemble weapons, but didn’t know how. After the donkey fight i got the disassembler thing, and i didn’t fully read it and thought the ‘destroy weapon’ was a poorly titled disassemble button, so i hit it expecting some sort of ‘are you sure?’ but nothing, it’s just gone. Is there any way to get it back and for the future can we have a confirmation for such a button?

  23. I forgot to do a manual save before giving geppeto the heart as soon as the cutscene started I panicked and closed the game.
    After that I rebooted the game and didnt get any of the ending’s trophies. Ive tried everything Im kinda stuck. Id just give up on the game if no solutions

  24. While in inside 221b you can go behind the door and you’ll be able to see through the door as well as the the rest of the building nearby

  25. Stamina recharge bug.

    Have below 60%
    Have P-Organ: Lowers Charge Attack Stamina Consumption 1
    Have any amulet with +4 stats: example Strength Amulet or Technique Amulet

    Stamina will continue to regen when using light attacks after heavy charged attack.

  26. Against Laxasia, having the specter die in her second phase causes Laxasia to target her abilities randomly, I’m guessing as if the specter was still alive, making the fight much easier. This bug is easily reproduceable, happening every time the criteria happen.

  27. In St Frangelico Chapel Library near the Stargazer, after clearing the decay puddle, if you fast travel anywhere and come back, the decay comes back invisible, with no way of clearing the decay puddle again. It still inflict decay.

    • I’m at the Arche Abby and the full moonstone of the covenant I collect are not showing up in my inventory p.s I’m not confusing one stone with another

      • I am having the exact same problem!! I had six, if not seven of them. I upgraded one special weapon to +5. After I got uroboros eye, and going to upgrade it, I found all my full covenant moonstones were gone. I even went to check all the locations they are located, and sure enough, they are not there. Checked all my special weapons, and the only one upgraded to plus 5 is Trident of the covenant. Where did they go?

  28. Cant access Saintess of Mercy State Gallery since I got no key and Im at Chapter X.

    Im seriously locked out of using the respecc feature…

  29. Sequence broke the opening area, by interacting with the door that Geppetto is behind whilst sprinting at it (was at a 45 degree-ish angle), clipped through the door whilst receiving the ‘you need a key’ message, allowing me to access the P-Organ stuff whehn first arriving at the Hotel. Could likely occur in other places, might be useful for speedruns.

    • Seesm to have songthing to do with the camera. Also clipped through the (Rosa Street?) door, although that was harder to do and can get stuck. Seems to be a case of running into the door at an angle, whilst turning the camera away. It seems possible to escape being stuck inside a door clipped into via doing this by turning the camera sensitivity up and sprint/jumping multiple times whilst spinning the camera as fast as possible.