Lies of P - Best Advance Build

Best Advance build guide for Lies of P, including recommended elemental damage build stat progression (allocation), recommended weapons, and build overview and playstyle.

Lies of P - Best Advance Build Guide

Best Advance Build Guide for Lies of P

▼Lies of P Best Builds
Motivity Build Technique Build Advance Build
Quick Tips on Character Builds
  • Aim for at least 20 Vitality (optimum max HP).
  • Vigor should be raised to at least 10, with additional points invested for using heavier weapon combos and special weapons.
  • You can increase Capacity throughout the game as you always gain +3 load limit (no soft cap).
  • Motivity and Technique should not go higher than 40.
  • Advance should not go higher than 30.

Lies of P Stat Soft Caps Guide

Advance Build Overview

The Advance build in Lies of P focuses on using Advance-scaling weapons that typically inflict both physical and elemental/status damage, given that the latter increases with higher points into the stat.

Similar to Technique builds, those who wish to specialize in Advance will find that their selection of weapons is quite varied with some emphasis on swapping out weapon parts for optimal combinations.

One of the drawbacks of the Advance build is that being able to deal elemental or status damage will not always be the most practical way to defeat certain enemies in the game. You may also find yourself having to switch to a different weapon from time to time if your current armament’s elemental attribute has little effect on your foe.

Lastly, there are no Advance-scaling special (boss) weapons in the game, so you are limited to using only normal weapons and their possible combinations.

Primary Stats Vitality, Vigor, Advance
Weapons Daggers, Greatswords, Blunts
Starting Combat Style Path of the Cricket: Balanced
  • Able to inflict elemental/status damage on enemies, making it easy to deal with foes that are weak to a specific attribute.
  • Very good opportunities for experimentation with different weapon combos.
  • Elemental or status damage is not always effective at dealing with certain enemies.
  • Will require you to switch out weapons regularly.
  • May be too tedious for beginners to get used to.
  • Limited to normal weapons as there are no special weapons that scale with Advance.
Beginner Recommendation ★★

Lies of P Best Builds Guides

Stat Progression

Level 10 (Initial Stats)

Stat Value
Vitality 9
Vigor 7
Capacity 8
Motivity 9
Technique 9
Advance 7

For an Advanced build, it is recommended to choose the Path of the Cricket: Balanced Combat Style as this has the highest starting value in Advance of three Combat Memories in the game. All other parameters of the Path of the Cricket are just between the Path of the Bastard (Technique-focused) and Path of the Sweeper (Motivity) making it a good choice for certain hybrid builds as well.

Level 30

Stat Value
Vitality 15 (+6)
Vigor 10(+3)
Capacity 11 (+3)
Motivity 9
Technique 9
Advance 15 (+8)

At around level 30, put 3 points each into Vitality, Vigor, Advance, Capacity. The reason for investing in Capacity this early is to allow you to wield the Electric Coil Stick (default weapon and handle assembly) without going beyond your normal load limit.

Afterwards, any remaining points should be dumped into Vitality and Advance to get similar to the one shown in the table above.

Level 50

Stat Value
Vitality 20 (+5)
Vigor 10
Capacity 11
Motivity 9
Technique 5
Advance 30 (+15)

As you approach level 50, be sure to have at least 20 Vitality. Then, just focus on putting all points into Advance to increase weapon damage. You can also spend Ergo to get more Capacity if you want to wield heavier weapons combos. Otherwise, just equip the Carrier’s Amulet which is obtainable in Chapter 4.

Recommended Advance Weapons

Name Parts How to Get
Electric Coil Stick Electric Coil Stick Head The Electric Coil Stick (blade and handle) be purchased from the Wandering Merchant at Elysion Boulevard from Chapter 2 onwards.
Electric Coil Stick Handle The Electric Coil Stick (blade and handle) be purchased from the Wandering Merchant at Elysion Boulevard from Chapter 2 onwards.
Salamander Dagger Blade + Acid Crystal Blade Handle Salamander Dagger Blade The Salamander Dagger (blade and handle) is found at Workshop Union Entrance by going up the stairs from the Stargazer and jumping down the hole. Note that the weapon is guarded by two Blank Puppets.
Acid Crystal Blade Handle The Acidic Crystal Spear (blade and handle) is found in a chest in the Path of the Pilgrim.

Electric Coil Stick Head + Electric Coil Stick Handle

The default assembly of the Electric Coil Stick is a good early-game attribute-based weapon combo to use for builds that focus on high levels of Advance. This setup shines against regular Puppet enemies because of its respectable lightning damage output using its Generate Fable Art (Electric Coil Stick Head). The Electric Blitz shock inflicted on enemies using this weapon is useful for reliably stacking physical/stagger damage, especially against foes that are weak to the element.

The Electric Coil Stick Handle, meanwhile, grants you a B, D, and C scaling in Advance, Technique, and Motivity respectively. Its good Motivity scaling means that you can get more out of this weapon by putting some points into the stat as well.

The entire Electric Coil Stick assembly is obtained fairly early in the main story, making it an early go-to for players who want to go for Advance builds.

Electric Coil Stick Head Weapon Part Stats
Weapon Part Type Fable Art
Electric Coil Stick Head Blunt Blade Generate
Attack Chrg. Pulse Cells Fable Charge
56 (Phys.), 56 (Elec. Bltz.) 11.05 500
Durability Weight Attack Type
100 930 Slash, Stab
Weapon Description

“The head of a blunt weapon made by Venigni Company to destroy puppets. The coil releases a powerful current that causes lethal damage to puppets.

Humans have always feared anything that excels beyond them. Puppets were already their loyal servants, but humans have created a new natural enemy that is sure to attack their weaknesses.”

Electric Coil Handle Weapon Part Stats
Weapon Part Type Fable Art
Electric Coil Stick Handle One-Handed Handle Rush Smash
Motivity Technique Advance
Durability Weight Attack Type
2.7 Slash
Weapon Description
“The handle of a blunt weapon made by Venigni Company to destroy puppets. Much effort went into the handle’s insulation for the sake of the user’s safety.

The powerful Electric Blitz was clearly effective in killing puppets. However, its inventor failed to realize it was also effective on humans.”

Salamander Dagger Blade + Acid Crystal Spear Handle

Another strong weapon combo for Advance builds is the Salamander Dagger Blade + Acid Crystal Blade Handle. This elemental damage setup is able to inflict impressive amounts of fire damage quickly on enemies that are vulnerable to the fire attribute.  The handle also gives you access to the Single Stab Fable Art which affords this weapon combo good range despite being a dagger class armament.

Acid Crystal Blade Handle has a stat scaling of A for Advance and D for both Motivity and Technique, essentially making this a solid choice for “true” Advance builds. Feel free to swap blade parts with other elemental attributes depending on the enemies you encounter throughout the game’s story chapters.

Salamander Dagger Blade Weapon Part Stats
Weapon Part Type Fable Art
Salamander Dagger Blade Dagger Blade Ignite
ATK Chrg. Pulse Cells Fable Charge
45 (Phys.), 45 (Fire) 10.25 363
Durability Weight Attack Type
100 6.6 Slash, Stab
Weapon Description

“A dagger blade designed to make Ergo generate Overheat. An Ergo power source that emits heat is embedded in the back of the sword.

The salamander symbolizes fire and purification. In that regard, the dagger was created for a special purification ritual regarding Alchemist defectors.”

Acid Crystal Blade Handle Weapon Part Stats
Weapon Part Type Fable Art
Acid Crystal Blade Handle One-Handed Handle Single Stab
Motivity Technique Advance
Durability Weight Attack Type
2.6 Stab
Weapon Description
“The handle from a spear made from sharpened Carcass spine crystal. It was made with a special alloy to prevent the user from being exposed to acid.

The alchemists have long amassed knowledge through their numerous experiments and research. Some of these experiments were twisted and inhumane.”

Lies of P Best Weapons for Each Build

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