Lies of P - Side Quests List and Locations

Side Quests List and Locations guide for Lies of P, containing a list of all side quests, all of the side quests' locations and rewards, how to complete all side quests in the game, and other useful information.

Lies of P - Side Quests List and Locations

Side Quests List and Locations Guide for Lies of P

List of All Side Quests and Locations

Quest Giver Location How to Unlock
Toma (Pt. 1) Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard From the “Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard” Stargazer,  head to the rooftops and climb down the very first ladder on your right. As soon as you reach the streets, turn around and look for a window with an image of a woman coughing. Speak to her and accept the quest.
Rewards Radiant Ergo Fragment
Weeping Woman Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Climb up the same ladder from the previous quest and enter the next building. As soon as you reach the exit, drop down on your right to find another window with an image of a woman weeping. Speak to her and accept the quest, in which she will ask you to find her missing baby. Proceed through the story, and when you stumble upon two swordsmen near the fountain just past the Krat City Hall Stargazer, head to the stairs and defeat the elite puppet guarding the baby (quest item). Return the baby to the weeping woman and choose either the Lie dialogue (“That’s a cute baby”) or the Truth dialogue (“That’s a puppet”).
Rewards Feel (Record), 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment
Toma (Pt. 2) Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard After the Scrapped Watchman boss fight, get the Faded Whistle from a bench near a candlelit area inside the arena. Then, head back to “Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard” through the Stargazer (fast travel). From there, go back to the coughing woman, then open your Bag and use the Faded Whistle while standing in front of the woman’s window.
Rewards Radiant Ergo Fragment
Venigni Venigni Works Control Room Head to the Stargazer and speak to Venigni. He will then ask you to find his butler puppet named Pulcinella. In order to find the butler puppet, you must first defeat the main story’s boss, Fuoco the King’s Flame. After defeating the boss, examine the broken puppet standing next to a wall before you leave the arena. Head back to the Venigni Works Control Room and hand over the broken puppet to Venigni. Note that if you can’t find Venigni at the Venigni Works Control, he will be at the Hotel Krat.
Rewards Fear (Gesture)
Sister Cecile St. Frangelico Cathedral Library As soon as you enter the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library, head to the left corner of the room to find Sister Cecile. Speak to her and accept the quest, in which you have to retrieve the Archbishop’s Holy Mark. To do that, you must first meet Alidoro at the top of the Cathedral and then ride the elevator back to the previous floor. Head up the stairs on your left, then enter the room on the opposite side. Inside, you will find an item and a safe. Bring the item back to Sister Cecile and proceed to the Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss fight. Once the boss is defeated, go back to Sister Cecile to receive the Divine Service Record and Cecile’s Written Confession, which you can access in the Collectibles menu. Read the letters to receive the quest reward.
Rewards Fascination (Record)
Old Lady at the Window (Pt. 1) Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance As soon as you reach the Stargazer in this area, head down the stairs and defeat the puppets. Head up the stairs on the left, then retrace your steps until you find a lit window with an image of a woman. Speak to her and accept the quest, in which she will ask you to retrieve a bottle of La Bleiweis wine. Carry on with the story until you arrive at the Lorenzini Arcade.
Rewards Venigni Commemorative Coin
Julian the Gentleman Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert Speak to Julian the Gentleman near the Stargazer and accept the quest regarding his wife’s belongings. Head to the sewers, and you will later emerge in an area surrounded by sweeper puppets. Head up the stairs and keep an eye out for the hunter puppet upstairs. After that, you need to cross the bridge and head down the stairs to find a body of a woman leaning against the wall. Examine the body and retrieve her belongings. You can now return to Julian the Gentleman. If you want to get the quest rewards, answer with a Lie (“I saw the message she left, saying she loves you”), but if you’re on the Truth playthrough, choose “I’ve never seen that happen before.”
Rewards Wedding Ring, Sad (Gesture)
Adelina the Actress Estella Opera House Entrance Go to the Opera House and take the right stairwell. Take another stairwell and look for the two doors in the hallway. Unlock one of the doors to find Adelina the Actress. But before doing so, make sure you have the Red Apple item, and if you don’t have it with you, return to Hotel Krat and purchase it from Polendina. Give the Red Apple to Adelina and continue your way to the King of Puppets. After the battle, get the Fascination Record from Adelina’s room. Note that you must have the Red Apple in order to make this record show up in the room.
Rewards Fascination (Record)
Old Lady at the Window (Pt. 2) Lorenzini Arcade In Lorenzini Arcade, you will come across a cellar (the one that is not flooded) where you can get the wine bottle that the Old Lady was asking for. Get the bottle and return it to the Old Lady at the Window to get the Venigni Commemorative Coin (quest reward). This coin can be appraised by Pulcinella at the Hotel Krat.
Rewards Venigni Commemorative Coin
Belle (Pt. 1) Grand Exhibition Gallery Talk to Belle at the Grand Exhibition Gallery to start the quest. You must first defeat Champion Victor to see her again in Hotel Krat.
Rewards Why (Record)
The Broken Puppet Barren Swamp Look for a white puppet near the Barren Swamp Stargazer. Speak to the white puppet to start the quest, in which you will have to perform gestures that you currently own. On your first encounter, show him the two gestures you currently have, and on your second encounter, show him the gestures you recently acquired (Anger and Happy).
Rewards Quartz
Belle (Pt. 2) Hotel Krat After defeating the Corrupted Parade Master and learning about a secret passageway behind a portrait from Antonia, talk to Belle again to continue the quest. She will ask you to look for her companion. In order to do this, head to Krat Central Station (fast travel), then turn right and head down the stairs nearby. Enter the train car and talk to the NPC to get a Letter. Bring the Letter to Belle and receive the quest reward. Note that you can either lie or tell the truth, and regardless of your choice, you will still receive the reward.
Rewards Why (Record)

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