Lies of P - How to Get the Best Ending

A guide on how to get the best ending in Lies of P, including steps to trigger the Rise of P ending, route-exclusive unlockable features (trophies, weapons, and items), required Lie System responses, key decision actions during the main story, and other useful tips.

Lies of P - How to Get the Best Ending

What is the Best Ending in Lies of P?

Rise of P Ending (“Pure Lies”)

Lies of P - Rise of P Ending

The best ending in Lies of P is the Rise of P ending which can only be triggered by doing a “Pure Lies” playthrough of the main story. Going for this story route unlocks the most features (trophies and special weapons) out of all three possible endings and is recommended for the first playthrough of the game.

Lies of P All Endings Guide

All Rise of P Ending Unlockable Features

  • Golden Lie special weapon (by playing all Records and examining the long-nose portrait at Hotel Krat).
  • Rise of P achievement (Gold trophy).
  • The Story of the Blue Butterfly (Bronze trophy) when you read the letter in Geppetto’s study at Hotel Krat.
  • The First Puppet achievement (Silver trophy) after you defeat the Nameless Puppet at Under the Abyss.
  • Proof of Humanity secret boss weapon via trading the Nameless Puppet Ergo with Explorer Hugo.
  • Special Weapon Collector (Silver trophy). Note that this is the only route that allows you to obtain all special weapons in a single playthrough. Doing the Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After (“Give Geppetto Your Heart”) prevents you from fighting the Nameless Puppet while the Free from the Puppet Strings (“Pure Truths”) prevents the portrait at Hotel Krat from getting a long nose.
  • Pianist of Krat achievement (Silver trophy) when you examine the piano at Hotel Krat after the game’s credits.

How to Get the Rise of P Ending (Best Ending)

Below are the steps to get the Rise of P Ending, including key actions and NPC responses to choose towards the late-stages of the main story. Remember to refuse when Geppetto tells you to give him your Heart at Under the Abyss as this is the last key decision event to trigger the best ending.

1 Tell only lies in all Lie System conversations in the game.
2 Progress to Ascension Bridge in the main story. After defeating Laxasia the Complete, talk to Sophia and choose to “Give her peace.”
3 Progress to final boss at Arche Abbey, Cradle of the God during the main story and defeat Simon Manus, Arm of God and Awakened God (final boss).
4 Play all Records and interact with the long-nose portrait at Hotel Krat to get the Golden Lie special weapon. Note that the portrait will not have a long nose if you went for a “Pure Truth” run which will prevent you from getting the special weapon.
5 Go to Under the Abyss via the elevator and choose “Refuse” when Geppetto asks for the Heart. (WARNING: Choosing to give Geppetto the Heart will immediately trigger the Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After ending. This will lock you out of the Nameless Puppet “true” final boss fight and all other features rewarded for getting the Rise of P ending regardless of your “Pure Lies” run).
6 Defeat the Nameless Puppet (“true” final boss).
7 Watch the ending.

All Lie System Responses for Rise of P Ending (“Pure Lies”)

Below are all responses for a “Pure Lies” run of the main story which is required for triggering the Rise of P ending route upon reaching Under the Abyss. All Lie System answers are permanent and cannot be undone so be careful when talking to the NPCs at the locations listed below.

NPC Location Responses
Woman Looking for Her “Baby” Elysion Boulevard “That’s a cute baby.”
Alidoro St. Frangelico Cathedral “Venigni Works.”
Julian the Gentleman Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert “I saw the message she left, saying she loves you.”
Antonia Hotel Krat (after defeating Romeo, King of Puppets) “Of course.”
Belle Hotel Krat (after defeating Corrupted Parade Master and getting the letter at Krat Central Station) “He was killed in battle.”
Venigni Hotel Krat (after defeating Black Rabbit Brotherhood) “I couldn’t hear.”
Arlecchino Arche Abbey Outer Wall “Human.”
Sophia Ascension Bridge (after defeating Laxasia, the Complete) “Give her peace.”
Geppetto Arche Abbey – Internal Bridge Prison “Yes.”
Simon Manus Arche Abbey – Cradle of the God “I gave her peace.”

Lies of P Lie System Answers Guide

Final Decision Event

While technicality not part of the required Lie System responses, your answer in the final decision event will determine whether you will trigger the Rise of P (best) or Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After (worst) ending.

As mentioned, obeying Geppetto and handing over your Heart at Under the Abyss will lock you out of the best ending and all other features exclusive to beating the game’s “true” final boss (regardless of your “Pure Lies” run).

NPC Location Responses
Geppetto Under the Abyss “Refuse.”

What is the Worst Ending in the Game?

Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After (“Give Geppetto Your Heart”)

Despite its name, the Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After is actually the worst ending in the game and is generally not recommended for your first playthrough. This is due to the route preventing you from getting several exclusive trophies as well as the Golden Lie and Proof of Humanity special weapons.

The Real Boy ending is also the only story path where you cannot obtain the final boss weapon Proof of Humanity as you will be locked out of the “true” final boss fight if you obey Geppetto at Under the Abyss. As much as possible, try to going for the Real Boy ending on a NG+ run instead.

You can get Rise of P and Real Boy endings through cloud save exploiting.

Note that it is possible to get both the Rise of P and Real Boy ending in one playthrough via exploiting cloud saves (allowing you to get 100% completion in just two playthroughs instead of three). Otherwise, it is generally better to go for the Rise of P ending on your first playthrough and the Real Boy or Free from the Puppet Strings story route on NG+ and subsequent playthroughs.

Ending-Related Trophies and Achievements

Unlocking all three endings is required to get 100% completion (Platinum trophy).

Lies of P has ending-related trophies that are each unlocked for getting the Real Boy: They All Live Happily Ever After, Free from the Puppet String, and Rise of P endings. Because of this, you will need to do at least three playthroughs of the game to get 100% completion (Platinum trophy). This is excluding any cloud save exploits.

Below is a list of all trophies and achievements you get for viewing any of the three possible story endings.

Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After PlayStation 4 - Gold TrophyGold Reach the ending (Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After).
Free from the Puppet String PlayStation 4 - Gold TrophyGold Reach the ending (Free from the Puppet String).
Rise of P PlayStation 4 - Gold TrophyGold Reach the ending (Rise of P).

Lies of P Trophies and Achievements List

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