Lies of P - Stats Guide

Stats guide for Lies of P, including explanations on each attribute (Vitality, Vigor, Capacity, Motivity, Technique, and Advance), their effects, and other useful tips.

Lies of P - Stats Guide

Stats Guide for Lies of P

Stats (Attributes) Summary

Stat Details
Vitality Affects your maximum HP, Guard Regain, and various defenses (Physical, Fire, Electricity, Acid).
Vigor Affects your maximum stamina and various defenses (Physical, Fire, Electricity, Acid).
Capacity Affects maximum carry weight and Legion Arm weight limit, and various defenses (Physical, Fire, Electricity, Acid).
Motivity Affects weapon damage (via Motivity scaling) and Legion Arm damage, and various defenses (Physical, Fire, Electricity, Acid).
Technique Affects weapon damage (via Technique scaling) and Legion Arm damage, and various defenses (Physical, Fire, Electricity, Acid).
Advance Affects weapon damage (via Advance scaling) and Legion Arm damage, various defenses (Fire, Electricity, Acid).

All Stats Explained


The more Vitality you have, the higher your maximum HP. Increasing this stat also improves Guard Regain which is your ability to recover HP after successfully blocking an enemy’s attack. Beginners and players not familiar with soulslike games should consider putting a good amount of points into Vitality as it directly affects your ability to survive incoming damage.


Since attacking requires stamina, increasing Vigor lets you swing your weapon more in battle. Having high Vigor is especially useful when wielding heavy weapons as each strike consumes a hefty amount of stamina.


Increasing Capacity lets you carry heavier weapons and modifications to your Legion Arm without slowing down your movement. Being able to dodge and run faster is extremely important when fighting strong enemies like bosses so it is recommended to spend a decent amount of points into this stat.


Motivity is essentially the game’s version of the Strength stat in soulslike games. Raising your Motivity increases your attack power with weapons that scale with it which are usually heavy armaments and a few exceptions. If you picked the Path of the Sweeper combat style, you will be focusing on this stat to raise your damage output.


Technique, meanwhile, is what the Dexterity stat would be in soulslike games. The damage output of weapons such as one-handed swords and rapiers usually scale off Technique (with a few exceptions). If you went with the Path of the Bastard combat style, this will be your main stat for raising attack power.


Advance determines the damage you deal using certain mechanical weapons and may be seen as the game’s version of the Arcane stat in FromSoftware’s Bloodborne. The attack power of certain throwable items also increases with higher Advance.

How to Respec Stats

Available after defeating Champion Victor in Chapter 7.

You can respec stats at the Saintess of Mercy Statue that only becomes accessible after beating Champion Victor at the Grand Exhibition Gallery during Chapter 7. Once you beat the boss, talk to Simon Manus to get the key to the indoor garden east of the boss area to find the saintess’ statue.

You will need to use Gold Coin Fruits to reset your stats as well as your Legion Arm and P-Organ upgrades. The item can be obtained from from the Cold Coin Fruit Tree that you find after meeting Giangio at the Rabbit Brotherhood’s den.

Lies of P How to Respec Stats

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