Pokemon Sword and Shield - Pokemon Home Features Announced

Recently, the Pokemon Home official website also went live with updates on features. Among the functions include moving Pokemon, trading on-the-go, and several others.


Moving Pokemon

Pokemon HOME offers communication features among many of the modern titles in the Pokemon franchise. Like its predecessor, Pokemon Bank, Pokemon HOME also allows players to import Pokemon from previous existing version to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Games such as Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, Pokemon Bank are capable of connecting with Pokemon Home. To top it off, Pokemon Home also introduces a mobile version alongside its Switch version. While it was previously teased in the earlier announcements, it has been confirmed that Pokemon Home will soon be compatible with Pokemon Go in the near future.

However, like all other methods that came before it, Pokemon HOME comes with a disclosure. When players carry over Pokemon from previous games all the way to Pokemon HOME, they can no longer put these Pokemon back to where they came from with the exception of the Switch games. In other words, players can only avail of a one-way transfer from past generations to Pokemon HOME.

In celebration of Pokemon HOME’s soft launch coming this February, players can avail of Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter free-of-charge for one month.


Pokemon HOME also expands on the functions that Pokemon Bank established through its many trading functions. Trading allows players to connect with other players. While this may sound relatively standard, Pokemon HOME changes the way players trade by incorporating it in the cloud-service. With this feature, players can now connect their cloud-storage with other players’ cloud-storage.

Wonder Box

The Wonder Box is a new feature that enables players to trade with one another globally. Using Wonder Box, players can set up a trade with other players using the same function. The method is akin to the Global Trading System in Generation 4, and to some extent, the Wonder Trade feature in Generation 6, where both involve connecting with players around the world. So far, we have yet to confirm if the trade takes place after some time has passed like the GTS, or if it’s done instantaneously like Wonder Trade or Surprise Trade.

Global Trading System (GTS)

Speaking of GTS, the feature is confirmed to return in Pokemon HOME. With the GTS, players can describe which Pokemon they wish to offer and which Pokemon they seek in return. In order for the trade to happen, the system pairs two random trainers whose conditions satisfy each other. The feature also offers players the chance to obtain Pokemon that they haven’t seen before. Back then, players who lacked the Pokemon they seek were asked to punch in the name of the Pokemon to make them visible. We have yet to confirm if this becomes true for Pokemon HOME or if the unregistered Pokemon are already visible by default.

In addition, players who avail of the paid Premium Plan , can also afford simultaneous trades. Currently, there is also no information on how many trades can be put up at a time, or if there are no restrictions.

Room Trade

Room Trade mirrors Wonder Box wherein players can trade with others randomly. The difference between the two is that in Room Trade, only players who joined the room can take part in trading. For the trade to take place, a player must assemble a group by hosting one. Looking at the overview of a room, the player can view each of the participating trainers’ names, country, and even assigned custom sprites. There’s a catch though, players can only host rooms if they avail of the paid Premium Plan.

Room Trade appears to resemble the Union Room which debuted in Generation 3. In it, players were able to use wireless communication to join a lobby where players can meet up with others. However, it was not until the later installments of Generation 4 when trading randomly, through Spin Trading, became one of its features.

Friend Trade

Last but not the least is Friend Trade. In Friend Trade, players can exchange Pokemon with their friends. The friends that you can communicate with should not be confused with those added on your Nintendo Switch. Here, you can register friends in a separate list with the use of the “Add Friend” function. Apparently, there is also an age restriction that is applied. Players below 16 years old cannot add or organize friends.

Other features

Pokemon HOME also includes many other features which tie up with the ones present in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

National Pokedex

Pokemon HOME supports the National Pokedex. Having the National Dex means that when a Pokemon is stored inside the cloud-service, the player can record pretty much all its data, including the form that the Pokemon came with. What’s more, the feature also detects which game the Pokemon comes from, from its form, number all the way down to its version exclusive Pokedex data.

Players who use the mobile version can also check other useful data such as the species’ moves and abilities.

Mystery Gift

Another option in Pokemon HOME is the ability to receive Mystery Gifts. With the Mystery Gift, players can check for local events happening in their area, browse codes, and code patterns. Similar to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, players can receive gifts. When a Pokemon is obtained through the cloud-service, players have the option of storing it directly to the cloud’s box. Aside from that, some gifts indicate other details like availability and the game it is compatible with. When receiving items through Pokemon home, the item name and code will be given. Players can copy the code and redeem it using the “Get with Code/Password” option of their Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield’s Mystery Gift.

Individual Values Judge

For players who are quite savvy in raising Pokemon with specific stats, they can also use Pokemon HOME to view each of their Pokemon’s Individual Values or IVs. The rating describes the performance of each of the Pokemon’s six stats namely HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. Unfortunately this feature is locked by default and can only be viewed by players who avail of the paid Premium Plan.

Your Room

In Your Room, players can browse through a lineup of events and can also view a summary of games that they have connected to Pokemon Home. Players can also configure their profile using stickers. Stickers can be obtained by doing certain goals.

Battle Data

Battle Data offers a summary of the status of Ranked Battles and Online Competitions in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Players who are active in the competitive scene can also browse useful information such as trending moves.


Using the mobile version, players can receive information on on-going online event distributions as well as online competitions.

Point System

Similar to the Points given for those who actively use Pokemon Bank, Pokemon Home also has its own point system. Every Pokemon deposited in Pokemon HOME counts towards earning points. Accumulate enough points and you can exchange them for Battle Points (BP). When you register multiple games to Pokemon HOME, you’ll be given an option on where to send the claimed BP. The BP caps at 9,999 so you need to send them over to one of the registered games if you wish to claim more.

Pokemon HOME is set to be released this coming February. However, there is no particular day mentioned for its release.

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