News SG - Pokemon Masters revealed during the Pokemon 2019 Press Conference

The Pokemon 2019 Press Conference showed off upcoming smartphone applications. One was Pokemon Masters, which focuses on trainers introduced in past games.

Pokemon Masters Key Art

Pokemon Masters

The Pokemon Company’s President and CEO, Tsunekazu Ishiharu, was pleased to bring us Pokemon Masters. This game goes in line with the company’s mission statement, “to enrich both the real world and the virtual world with the Pokemon characters.”

Key art

The title comes with a key art brought by the company’s graphic illustrator, Ken Sugimori. It features many of the game’s characters and the Pokemon that players have grown to love over the years. From the art alone, it seems that players will once again step into the shoes of a Pokemon trainer, but this time, instead of the iconic Pokedex dangling on the trainer’s waist, we can see Rotom-shaped smartphones. It reinforces the notion that players will be relying on their phones throughout their adventure.

Pokemon partners with DeNa

The Pokemon Company International will be working alongside DeNA on this one, which looks promising. Their partner has worked on mobile Nintendo titles in the past, such as Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Judging from the trailer, the game features Japanese voice acting. Meanwhile, characters seem to also stay true to their original RPG elements, which will be a treat for fans. Apparent mannerisms from supporting characters return like Gary Oak’s “bonjour!” and the tomboyish Misty who is brimming with energy.

Gameplay footage showcased mugshots to signify that a battle was about to commence, which is reminiscent of the older main series titles. Pokemon battles appear to be a three on three multi-format match, where players team up with the characters from older games to go up against other trainers. Options during combat appear simplified, with players having one attack and one inventory item usable in battle. We are still unsure if these are the only formats in the final game.

Return of Z-moves

Trainers are in for a treat with the return of Z-moves. First revealed on the Nintendo 3DS main titles, these powerful moves that feature stunning animations return to Pokemon Masters. During the closing segment of the trailer, Pewter city Gym Leader Brock unleashed his Onix’s potential with a “Rock Solid Rockslide” against an opposing trainer’s Ponyta to deal massive damage.

Release date

No exact date was announced but the game is set on “launching calendar year 2019.”

There was no mention for English voice acting either, but knowing that Fire Emblem Heroes has it, there might be a chance that Pokemon Masters will too.

If you missed the lineup, you can watch the past broadcast on the Pokemon Company’s Twitch channel.

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