Akala Island Walkthrough 2: From Paniola Ranch up to Kiawe’s Trials [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Akala Island's gonna be pretty big and full of events. Here's the part 2 of going through Akala Island!

This walkthrough covers Akala Island and explains the details from the return to Paniola Ranch up to Kiawe’s Island Challenge at Wela Volcano Park for Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Akala Island Part 2

Akala Island Art
Akala Island Art

Paniola Ranch

Return to Paniola Ranch from the Route 5 Pokémon Center. Head down from the starting point, then press A in front of the pair of Sudowoodo blocking your way to make them leave. A boy standing beside them says that they went off towards the Battle Royal Dome.

The boy will give you a Mystic Water in exchange for making the Sudowoodo leave the road.

Route 6

Pokémon Encounters: 

Name Levels
Igglybuff 14
Pikipek 15 
Lillipup 15
 Rattata 14
Oricorio 14

Item List

Name Location
Super Potion Near the entrance of Route 6
TM 88 (Sleep Talk) A corner of Paniola Town accessible from Route 6.
Rare Candy Destroy the big rock on Route 5 using Tauros’ Charge
X Speed Use Snoutland Search in the grass behind Beauty Trainer
Carbos Use Snoutland Search in the grass behind Dancer

Trainers Encountered:

Trainers Pokémon Reward
Youngster Anthony Magby, Level 15

Yungoos, Level 16

320 pokédollars
Pokémon Breeder William Sudowoodo (Lv. 17) 680 pokédollars
Team Skull Grunt Drowzee, Level 17 544 pokédollars
Beauty Brittney Cubone,Level 17 544 pokédollars
Dancer Mica Oricorio, Level 17 680 pokédollars

Two trainers, a Youngster and a Pokémon Breeder, are waiting for you at the beginning of Route 6. After beating them, walk away from the Pokémon Breeder heading to the west. You will end up in a corner of Paniola Town.  Use the Snoutland at the northern corner to get a Super Repel, then go to the opposite end to pick up TM88 (Sleep Talk).

Super Repel in the hidden corner of Paniola Town
Super Repel in the hidden corner of Paniola Town
TM88 in the same location
TM88 in the same location

Exit back to Route 6.

A cutscene will happen in the middle of Route 6. A girl named Hapu is being harassed by the Team Skull Grunts you have encountered before. One of the Skulls will challenge you, while Hapu will fight the other one.

The Skull Grunt will use a Level 17 Drowzee this time. Ghost-type and Dark-type moves will do the most damage as long as your Pokémon is at least 5 levels above the Drowzee.

Go farther down Route 5. Use your Tauros to destroy the big rock on your left and get a Rare Candy. There are a couple of trainers here as well. Use the Snoutland to dig out an X Speed in the patch of grass behind the Beauty Trainer, and a Carbos behind the Dancer.

Rare Candy location in Route 6
Rare Candy location in Route 6

Following Route 6 all the way to the south will lead you back to Heahea City, while going east takes you to the Battle Royal Dome.

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