Pokemon League Walkthrough [Pokémon Sun and Moon]


This walkthrough contains a guide on the Pokemon League in the main adventure of Pokemon Sun and Moon including Pokemon, Trainer Battles and Items.

Ultra Dimension

The Ultra Wormhole seems like a totally different dimension compared to Alola. Contrary to the Tropical climate in the region, this world has some striking blue tones which feels cold and barren.

1.Talk to Guzma (who now appears to be losing his wits because of being affected by the Ultra Beast)

Watch a cutscene of Team Skull Boss Guzma. Contrary to his cocky attitude in Alola, he seems to have been given a taste of his own medicine.
  1. Talk to Lusamine (it seems that her mental state has also been altered, and Lillie is firmly against her new cause). You will have to battle Lusamine who unites with Nihilego.
Although Lusamine seems calm at first even in Alola, she is under the control of the Ultra Beasts just like Guzma in this other world.
Unable to talk rationally to her mother, Lillie expresses her disgust to Lusamine’s selfish desires to remain in the world of the Ultra Wormhole.

Aether President Lusamine

The Aether President is now totally under the influence of the Ultra Beasts, you must stop her at all costs!
Name Reward
「Lusamine」 ??

[Battle Tip]
Since Clefable recovers using Moonlight, you’ll want to defeat it as soon as possible. It is best to attack with Physical Move since its Sp.Def is increased. Lilligant has high speed and the powerful Special move Petal Dance. You’ll want to bring a Fire-type Pokemon to finish it off quickly. Mismagius uses different attack types so it wise to use abilities that lower an opponent’s attack. Paralyzing it is also be a good strategy.
Bewear uses Pain Split when its HP decreases. Switching out to a Pokemon that is already low on health is an effective countermeasure.

Lusamine’s Pokemon

Pokémon Type TM
Clefable Lv.50
Fairy Metronome
Cosmic Power
Lilligant Lv.41
Grass Teeter Dance
Petal Dance
Mismagius Lv.41
Haunter Power Gem
Shadow Ball
Mystical Fire
Pain Split
Milotic Lv.41
Water Hydro Pump
Bewear Lv.41
Normal/Fighting Baby-Doll Eyes
Hammer Arm
Pain Split

3. After you defeat Lusamine, you’ll return to the real world.

Defeated, the Ultra Beasts parts with Lusamine. This sets her free and she now slowly falls to the ground.

4. Solgaleo or Lunala will appear. Talk to them to battle them. Now is a good time to use the Master Ball you obtained earlier. But if you’re going to use weaker balls, you might want to use attacks that inflict Sleep or Paralysis on them.

5. After the battle, Island Kahuna Nanu will take you to the outskirts of Tapu village. He will also tell you about the Victory Road.



Name Pokémon Reward
Gladion Crobat Lv.52
Weavile Lv.52
Lucario Lv.52
Silvally Lv.53

As you arrive at the foot of the mountain, Gladion will come down and thank you for your efforts in saving Lusamine and Guzma. He will then challenge you to a battle. You’ll get a Max Elixir after you defeat him.

Lana Kila Mountain

Pokemon Encounters

Name Level
Snorunt 45
Zubat 42
Absol 42
Golbat 43
Sneasel 44
Raticate(Alola) 40


Items Found Location
Escape Rope On a grassy field after riding the elevator
Zygarde Cell On a small rock in the first grassy field.
Technical Machine(TM)13 In a narrow passage on the left inside a cave
Full Restore North of the first area
Max Revive Before the second elevator
PP Max Near a Pokemon Center to the left along a wall of snow
Zygarde Cell Left of the Pokemon Center

1. Take the elevator at Lana Kila Mountain which Gladion also used.
2. Enter the cave and check the pedestal in the far right to find the Ice Z-crystal.  You will find a Pokemon Center by using the second elevator.
3. Near the Pokemon Center, Ha’u will appear and challenge you to a battle.

Ha’u (Rival)

Name Pokémon Reward
Hau Raichu(Alola)Lv.53 / FlareonLv.53 / KomalaLv.53 / PrimarinaLv.54 8640pokédollar
Raichu(Alola)Lv.53 / LeafeonLv.53 / KomalaLv.53 / IncineroarLv.54
Raichu(Alola)Lv.53 / VaporeonLv.53 / KomalaLv.53 / DecidueyeLv.54

4. After beating Ha’u, go up the hill. Talk to Professor Kukui in the building along the slope.
5. Enter the building to challenge the Elite Four and the Champion

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