Antique Shop Items in Hau’oli City [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

The Hau'oli Antique Shop sells several rare items. Learn about them here!

This article describes the items that you can buy from an antique shop in a shopping mall in Pokémon Sun and Moon. A list of items and the Legendary Pokémon that can use them is also included.

The Antique Shop in the Hau'oli Mall
The Antique Shop in the Hau’oli Mall


Antiquities of the Ages

The antique shop called Antiquities of the Ages is located in the upper-right level of the Hau’oli shopping mall. It sells rare and expensive that boosts or gives additional abilities to Legendary Pokémon that are not in the Alola Region. You can only buy an item once in the shop.

The Shopping Mall and Antiquities of the Ages will be accessible once you have defeated Hala, the Grand Kahuna of Melemele Island. The shop will sell four items at first, then additional items will be available after you have completed three Grand Trials.

Items you can buy from the Antique Shop

Item Name Effect Price
Adamant Orb When held by Dialga, it boosts the power of
Steel-type and Dragon-type moves
10000 pokédollars
Lustrous Orb When held by Palkia, it boosts the power of
Dragon-type and Water-type moves.
10000 pokédollars
Griseous Orb When held by Giratina, it boosts the power of
Dragon-type and Ghost-type moves.
10000 pokédollars
Red Orb Allows Groudon to access Primal Reversion 10000 pokédollars
Blue Orb Allows Kyogre to access Primal Reversion 10000 pokédollars
Splash Plate Held Item for Water-type Pokémon 10000 pokédollars
Zap Plate Held Item for Electric-type Pokémon 10000 pokédollars
Fist Plate Held Item for Fighting-type Pokémon 10000 pokédollars
Sky Plate Held Item for Flying-type Pokémon 10000 pokédollars
Stone Plate Held Item for Rock-type Pokémon 10000 pokédollars
Dread Plate Held Item for Dark-type Pokémon 10000 pokédollars
Iron Plate Held Item for Steel-type Pokémon 10000 pokédollars
Pixie Plate Held Item for Fairy-type Pokémon 10000 pokédollars

The Antique Shop plates are for the mythical Pokémon Arceus, but other Pokémon can upgrade certain moves by holding them as well. The plates will increase the power of a move by a factor of 1.2.

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