Boost your Pokemon with Bottle Caps and Hyper Training!

This article will describe how Bottle Caps and the Hyper Training system works in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and how and where to get the Silver Bottle Cap and Gold Bottle Cap.

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The Gold Bottle Cap is used for Hyper Training.

All Pokemon share a single trait – they become stronger and gain more abilities as they level up. The Pokemon Sun and Moon games keep the same leveling system, but make a significant change by allowing players to train their Pokemon up to level 100 and beyond instead of the maximum limit of Level 99. What’s more, the new games allow players to increase the levels of the six Individual Values (HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense and Speed) through a new system called Hyper Training.

What is Hyper Training?

Hyper Training is only available for Pokemon that have reached Level 100, and can be accessed by using items called Bottle Caps. The Gold Bottle Cap can raise all Individual Values, while the Silver Bottle Cap can only raise a single Individual Value.

A Garchomp before and after receiving Hyper Training.

How to get the “Silver Bottle Cap”

Finding it at the “Horror House”

The Silver Bottle Cap is an item that Pokemon can pick up. It can be found at the “Horror House”, one of the shops in the game’s Festival Plaza. The chances of finding one are very low; level up the Festival Plaza to increase the chance of finding one.

Getting it at the Lottery Ticket Booth

Players also have a chance of winning a Silver Bottle Cap as a prize from the Lottery Ticket Booth in the Festival Plaza. As with the Horror House, the chances of getting a Silver Bottle Cap from the Lottery Ticket Booth depend on the level of the Festival Plaza.

Other ways to collect Bottle Caps

How to efficiently collect the Silver Bottle Cap

Another way to get Silver Bottle Caps is through a glitch in the game. When your Festival Plaza gets up to Level 20, find someone who has the “2 ★ Treasure Hunt” and replace your shop with it to receive the Silver Bottle Cap.

What to Prepare:

Let’s say there are three characters in the Festival Plaza. Let’s call them Friend A, B, and you as the player.

  1. Friend A introduces a “2 ★ Treasure Hunt” to you. Label him as a VIP.
  2. Friend B has a 1 ★ Shop that is not in your Festival Plaza. Label him as a VIP as well.
  3. If you have more than one “2 ★ Treasure Hunt”, reduce it to a single one.

How to mass produce Silver Bottle Caps

  1. Have Friend A introduce 2 ★ Treasure Hunt to you by paying 100 Festival Coins.
  2. Get a Silver Bottle Cap from the 2 ★ Treasure Hunt that was introduced to you.
  3. Have friend B introduce a 1 ★ shop, then replace the 2 ★ Treasure Shop with the ★ 1 shop by paying 50 Festival Coins.
  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 as long as your Festival Coins allow.

Important Points:

Your Festival Plaza needs to be at Level 8 or higher to have another player introduce their shop.

This method requires 150 Festival Coins per transaction, so use it wisely.

Exchange in Festival Plaza

You can also get a Silver Bottle Cap through talking with a man in the Festival Plaza castle and exchanging it for shards, such as the “Red Shard”.

How to get the Gold Bottle Cap

The Gold Bottle Cap is even more rare than the Silver Bottle Cap, but it can be obtained from Path for Rare-Treasure Hunting and Path for Interesting-Item Hunting which are missions accessed from Isle Aphun in the Poké Pelago. The Gold Bottle Cap can be obtained when the resort is Level 3 or above.

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