Aether Paradise Walkthrough [Pokemon Sun and Moon]


This walkthrough will guide players on the main adventure on the Aether Paradise. This includes info on Pokemon, Trainer Battles and Items.

Aether Paradise

The team is unsure of Lillie’s whereabouts. Hau asks for advice on how to tackle the situation.



Name Location
Rare Candy On the central elevator
Technical Machine(TM)6 At the bottom left part of the area
X Sp. Atk Passage extending to the lower left of the area
Check the southwest area to obtain TM06 Toxic!

Trainer Encounters

Name Pokémon Reward
Aether Foundation Employee Dugtrio(Alola)Lv.36
Sliggoo Lv.37
Aether Foundation Employee Herdier Lv.36
Lumineon Lv.37
Aether Foundation Employee Shelgon Lv.37
Trumbeak Lv.36
Aether Foundation Employee Primeape Lv.37 1776pokédollar
Aether Foundation Employee Parasect Lv.36
Drifblim Lv.36
Vibrava Lv.37
Branch Chief Faba Hypno Lv.39 4680pokédollar

1. When you’ve arrived at the Aether Paradise, head to the center of the basement. Since the building is swarming with Aether Foundation Employees, you might want to avoid unnecessary battles. You can hide behind boxes to avoid being seen.

2. Take the center elevator and go up to the first floor.

1st Floor

Trainer Encounter

Name Pokémon Reward
Branch Chief Faba Hypno Lv.39 4680pokédollar
Faba stubbornly refuses to tell you any information.

3. When you arrive at the 1st floor, you will immediately battle Branch Chief Faba. Since he only uses Hypno, it won’t be that difficult to beat him.

4. You can heal your Pokemon by talking to the receptionist at the ground floor.

Gladion will examine the other Lab, for now go with Hau to Secret Lab A.

5. On the first floor, Gladion will appear. When you’re ready, talk to him and then go to the second floor.

2nd Floor


Name Location
Zygarde Cell Before the door at the back of the aisle
Full Restore In the room with Gladion
Before entering the room, check the edge for a Zygarde Cell.

Trainer Encounters

Name Pokémon Reward
Aether Foundation Employee Muk(Alola)Lv.37 1776pokédollar
Aether Foundation Employee MagnetonLv.37 1776pokédollar
Aether Foundation Employee Porygon2 Lv.37 1776pokédollar
Aether Foundation Employee Machoke Lv.37
Vanillish Lv.37

6. The 2nd floor has many areas to explore. Here, you’ll meet Ha’u again and he’ll give you a Max Revive.

Three masked Aether Foundation Employees will challenge you for a battle.
Team up with Hau and defeat the Aether Foundation Employees inside the room.
Upon checking the PC, you will find out information on the Aether Foundation’s Research.

7. From the elevator to the right, you’ll encounter three Aether Foundation Employees. Since they use only one Pokemon each, these won’t be difficult to defeat. In the path behind you will see Gladion. You’ll then have to enter the laborotary. From here, a 2-on-2 battle will ensue with Hau as your ally. You can check the lab desk for a report on Cosmog as well.

Once you exit the room, Hau will tell Gladion about the information you have gathered from the files.

8. Exit the lab and take the elevator back to the 1st floor. Once Gladion gets back to the elevator, you will now be able to enter the opposite side of the laboratory.

1st Floor revisited

Trainer Encounters

Trainer Pokémon Reward
Aether Foundation Employee Mudsdale Lv.37
Pelipper Lv.37
Aether Foundation Employee Electabuzz Lv.38
Magmar Lv.38
Aether Foundation Flee Slowbro Lv.39 / Ledian Lv.38
Bruxish Lv.39
Hypno Lv.40
Defeat Faba to obtain the Mansion Key!

As you arrive back at the first floor, you will find out that Faba was planning to take your team down by calling more employees to assist him.

A short cutscene showing Hau’s eagerness to save Lillie will ensue once you have successfully defeated Faba.

9. After beating all of them, Wicke will appear and heal all your Pokemon. Head towards Hau and Gladion and you will find Faba. You’ll have to battle Aether Foundation Employees twice with Hau and Gladion as your allies.  After you defeat them, Faba will give you the keys to the mansion.

In front of the mansion


Name Location
Full Heal At the left of the path exiting the Aether Foundation building
Zygarde Cell At the right of the path exiting the Aether Foundation building
Zygarde Cell At the upper left of the area after defeating Guzma
Hyper Potion At the right of the area after defeating Lusamine
Head east to find a Zygarde Cell.

Trainer Encounters

Name Pokémon Reward
Team Skull
Golbat Lv.37 1184pokédollar
Team Skull
Raticate(Alola)Lv.37 1184pokédollar
Although it may look plenty, there are only two Team Skull Grunts who are itching to battle. The third won’t battle you.

1. You will encounter two Team Skull Grunts near the entrance of the mansion.

The Team Skull Boss Guzma is back, and this time it will be more difficult than the first encounter.

2. A third Team Skull Grunt will appear. Talk to him to battle against Guzma.

Team Skull Boss Guzma

Name Reward
Guzma 4800pokédollar

Battle Tip

A cutscene between Gladion and Team Skull Boss Guzma will ensue.

Since Guzma uses Bug-type Pokemon, Flying and Fire types Pokemon will be effective against him. He is a formidable opponent and may be the hardest battle thus far.

Guzma’s Pokemon

Pokémon Type Moves
Golisopod Lv.41 Bug/Water First Impression
Swords Dance
Ariados Lv.40 Bug/Poison Shadow Sneak / Sucker Punch
Masquerain Lv.41 Bug/Flying Air Slash
Pinsir Lv.40 Bug X-Scissor

Inside the mansion


Name Location
Zygarde Cell Shelf on the right upon entering the mansion
Examine the edge of the table on the right to obtain the Zygarde Cell.
Lillie tries to stop Lusamine from summoning the Ultra Wormhole. Unfortunately, she fails to persuade her.

1. When you enter the mansion, you will find Lusamine.

Gladion tries to talk down the Aether President Lusamine.

2. Follow Lusamine to the collection room.

Lusamine tells the Trainers that the Ultra Wormholes have opened in Alola!
Lusamine expresses her cruel desire to use Cosmog as a tool to do her bidding.

3. Ultra Wormholes will open all over the region, causing Ultra Beasts to wreak havoc. Hau will stop Guzma and you will have to battle Lusamine.

Aether Foundation President Lusamine

Name Reward
Lusamine 9840pokédollar

Lusamine’s Pokemon

You must stop Aether President Lusamine!
Pokémon Type TM
Clefable Lv.41 Fairy Metronome
Cosmic Power
Lilligant Lv.41 Grass Teeter Dance
Mismagius Lv.41 Haunter Power Gem
Shadow Ball
Mystical Fire
Milotic Lv.41 Water Hydro Pump
Bewear Lv.41 Normal/Fighting Baby-Doll Eyes
Hammer Arm
If you have Light Screen, it will soften the damage done by Clefable. You must stop Clefable with strong Physical moves before it sets up multiple Cosmic Powers. Alternatively, if you can set-up with Dragon Dance (lv. 45) on Gyarados, the additional buffs can held sweep her entire team.
Lusamine persists into obtaining the Ultra Beast and tells you that their Beast Ball will allow them to capture it.

4. After the battle, follow Lusamine, Guzma and Ultra Beast to the Ultra Wormhole. Then, you will need to find clues on what transpired in the mansion.

Lillie has toughened up. She now sports a new style to fit a more confident look.

As you exit the mansion, you will meet up with Lillie and Gladion again. Lillie will show you her new attire which signifies her maturity to save Cosmog, Lusamine and Guzma. Gladion on the other hand, will tell you that your next destination is Poni Island.

Gladion will talk about the Sun Flute which will be used to summon the Legendary.
  1. You will soon meet up with Lillie again (who’s looks more dependable now since she’s also gone through the Trials). You’ll also meet Gladion again he will show you an image of the Flute that does not correspond to your version (Lillie will have this flute). You will also obtain the Master Ball.
Gladion will give you a Master Ball!

6. Take the elevator down to to the first floor and go to the port. Once there, talk to Gladion and get on the ship.

Gladion promises to take you to Poni Island.
Once you’re ready, head back to the building and take the elevator going to B1F and meet up with Lillie and Gladion.
When you’re ready, speak to Gladion to board the Ship that will sail to Poni Island.
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