EV Training 101: How and Where [Pokemon Sun and Moon]

What are EVs (Effort Values)?


EVs are also known as Effort Values. These Effort Values are what boost your Pokémon’s stats when they level up. Ever heard those stories of a Chandelure having a 300 Sp. Atk and began scratching your head on how it got that high? EV training is when trainers farm certain Pokémon to boost the EVs of their stats. So when their Pokémon levels up, the increase in a particular stat also increases.

Where to Farm EVs

Whenever your Pokémon defeats a wild Pokémon, they gain an EV for a particular stat. Different Pokémon and different areas mean different EVs. Here, we have a table where you can check where to farm that particular Pokémon. And when it’s the Pokémon you don’t want, you can flee the battle or swap to a Pokémon who needs that particular one.


Target Pokémon EV earned Location
HP Wailmer 1 Poni Wilderness
Caterpie 1 Route 1
Attack Lillipup 1 Paniola Ranch
Phantump 1 Memorial Hill
Goldeen 1 Marie Garden (Fishing)
Sandile 1 Haina Desert
Granbull 2 Poni Silva (after clearing)
Defense Cubone 1 Vera Volcano Park
Exeggcute 1 Nasshi Island
Special Attack Psyduck 1 Hill of Babble
Magnemite 1 Trainers’ School
Gastly 1 Hau’oli Cemetery Memorial Hill
Haunter 2 Thrifty Megamart
Special Defense Tentacool 1 Hauori City (Either near Route 8 or Karae Bay)
Agility Finneon 1 Hauori City (Either near Route 8 or Karae Bay)
Diglet 1 Diglet Cave
Magikarp 1 Any fishing Spot
Wingull 1 Sea around the country
Luvdisc 1 Route 9 Fishing Spot
Golbat 2 Poni Canyon (Look for water in the cave)

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, you can use various bonuses to earn Effort Values. Some EV values overlap in raising stats. And coming up with the best combo can bring out the best in your Pokémon. Especially for those in Rated Battles, EV-training is crucial if they want to win.

The highest bonus to your stats from EV-training is 36. When defeating wild Pokémon, the max EV you can earn is a total of 252 which is distributed among all stats.

Example of Effort Values when Killing Pokémon with an EV of 1.

The formula for calculating EVs:

(Normal Effort Values + Power) × Pokerus × # of companions = 1 battle Effort Values earned from the wild Pokémon

Scenarios If you defeat the Pokemon of effort value +1
Power Items + Other Bonuses + Pokerus 36
Power Items + Other Bonuses or Pokerus 18
Power-based items only 9
Other Bonuses or Pokerus 4

Use of Exp.Share

If you have “Exp. Share”, Effort Values also goes to the Pokemon holding the item when you defeat the enemy. If you want to earn Effort Values with the same status, put the Pokémon you’d like to hand out Effort Values on, and have it hold Exp. Share. After that, defeat the Pokémon of your choice EV.

But, if you do not want to shake Effort Values on hand held Pokémon, remove the “Exp. Share”.

EV bonus (Calling A Friend) when fighting a Wild Pokémon

Wild’s Pokémon doubles the Effort Values obtained by defeating the Pokémon that he called with the move “Calling a Friend”. Effort Values compensation bonus can overlap with power system items and Pokerus etc. introduced later.

Tips earning EV

One way could be using Call a Friend to swap out for another Pokémon to defeat the weakened one.This works especially in levelling up Pokémon.

  • You can have the stronger Pokémon defeat the other one but use False Swipe to retain at 1 HP. After that, swap out for the weaker one so it can finish it off but also receive EXP and the EV value.
  • When the target Pokémon appears, after weakening to the last minute with “False Swipe”, use “Adrenaline Orb” to call a friend. Then defeat it with a super-effective move.

It’ll be a bit slow and it’ll take some time. But, by giving “Leftovers” or “Shell Bell” to Pokémon, you can lessen the damage and sustain longer in battle.


Pokérus is a special status to infect very rare Pokemon. When infected, the effort values obtained in the battle is doubled. Pokérus transfers from one Pokémon to another. Find another Pokémon to preserve the Pokérus so that it would make EV training easier. 

EV-based items

Having your Pokémon hold any EV enhancing item will increase the amount of Effort Values received. When the defeated Pokémon of opponent, the effort value will have an additional of +8 to the desired stat you’re EV-training for. With Pokérus, you can get more than 10 of the effort value for every Pokémon defeated.

Item Name Effort Value
Power Weight HP + 8
Power Brace Attack +8
Power Belt Defense +8
Power Lens Special Attack +8
Power Band Special Defense +8
Power Anklet Speed +8


Vitamins such as the Protein, Iron, and others can be bought from shops. But it cannot add anymore Effort Values after using 99 of each vitamin.

Item Name Effort Value
HP up HP efforts value +10 (up to 100)
Protein Attack effort value +10 (up to 100)
Iron Defense effort value +10 (up to 100)
Calcium Special Attack effort value +10 (up to 100)
Zinc Special Defense effort value +10 (up to 100)
Carbos Speed effort value +10 (up to 100)

Berries to lower EVs

Berry Name Effect
Pomeg Berry Reduces base HP by 10
Kelpsy Berry Reduces base Attack by 10
Qualot Berry Reduces base Defense by 10
Hondew Berry Reduces base Special Attack by 10
Grepa Berry Reduces base Special Defense by 10
Tamato Berry Reduces base Speed by 10

So for those into EV-training or competitive play, this article is for you! Check out how to maximize the power of all your Pokémon and be the best in your tier.


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