How to farm money easily in the early to middle stages of Pokemon Sun and Moon


This article will provide tips on earning money easily in the early to mid-game stages.

The Amulet Coin

When a Pokemon holding the Amulet Coin wins a battle, the reward money is doubled. This is an indispensable item in making money efficiently. Just be sure that the Pokemon holding the Amulet Coin is the one doing battle.

The Amulet Coin can be obtained in Panolia Ranch on Akala Island.

Money farming methods



Selling items dropped by wild Wimpod at Route 8

After catching or defeating a wild Wimpod at the field of rocks at Route 8, it will yield items that can be sold at the Pokemart at high prices.

Wimpod drops the following items:

Big Pearl: 4000 pokedollars (high drop rate)
Nugget: 5000 pokedollars (low drop rate)
Eclipse Egg: 20000 pokedollars (extremely low drop rate)

Even by just getting Big Pearls, this method still yields a considerable amount of money.

Wimpod will quickly flee if notices you. It is best to ride a Tauros to catch one. Since Wimpod are encountered in a specific area, you can try to move around and come back to the spot to where it will respawn. You can also heal up at the Pokemon Center and then check the spot again.

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