How to Obtain Haxorus [Pokemon Sun and Moon]

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Haxorus introduced itself in Pokémon Black and White as the Attack-specialized Dragon-type compared to Hydreigon, the Dark/Dragon Type. This Pokémon  is bipedal with a dark yellow-green covering on its back and most of the front. Its torso, tail, tip and its arms are covered with black scales. It also has red and black pupils with two red tusks protruding from its cheeks. These tusks crush steel beams and are unbreakable. It also has red claws and red talons on each toe. According to the Pokédex, these Pokémon are generally friendly but are territorial.

How to obtain Haxorus in Pokémon Sun and Moon

It’s actually not Haxorus that you’ll find but its base form – Axew. When you perform an  Island Scan using the QR Code Scanner during Saturdays at Ula’ula Island, Axew will appear. However, once it appears, you have to capture it within the time limit.

If you grow Axew up to Lv 38, you will grow to Fraxure, and if you grow Fraxure up to Lv 48 it will evolve to Haxorus.

How to breed for Haxorus

One can either breed it another Pokémon coming from the same egg group of a different gender. Or, catch a Ditto and mass-produce until you find one with the perfect nature if you’re breeding it for Rated Battles.

Haxorus in Battle

This Pokémon prides itself in its high base Attack stat. In Rated Battles, many players say it is a great set-up for many of its moves. One of the common movesets for this Pokémon is having Dragon Dance to bolster its Attack and Speed. Once maxed out, trainers often attack using Dragon Claw or any other physical Dragon-type attack that can dish out high amounts of damage. It is also capable of learning other STAB moves such as Earthquake and Poison Tail which can take out its weaknesses – Steel-types and Fairy-types. To max out its Attack EV, most competitors recommend the Adamant and Jolly nature and equip it with either a Life Orb, a Lum Berry, or a Choice Band.

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Earthquake and Poison Tail are not STAB moves for Haxorus

Earthquake and Poison Tail are not STAB moves for Haxorus

I cant see the level of the 3 eveltion