Melemele Island Walkthrough

Beginning the journey isn't easy. And when you're starting your journey, the first island you land in is Melemele Island.

This walkthrough will guide players on the main adventure on Melemele Island. This includes info on starting a New Game, as well as Pokémon, Items, Trials, the Trial Captain and the Island Kahuna of Melemele Island.

Starting a New Game

After starting a New Game, you will be greeted by Professor Kukui who introduces you to the world of Pokémon. You’ll then be taken to a customization menu where you can specify your character’s gender, appearance and name. You won’t be able to change these later so be sure to adjust the settings to those that really suit you! The game’s opening cutscene will begin once you’ve finished making your character.

Hau’oli City

  1. Your adventure will begin in Hau’oli City, the player’s home city. Go downstairs to the first floor and explore the room. You will find a box at the lower right corner of the room containing a Hat and a Backpack.
  2.  As you leave your house, you’ll meet Professor Kukui.
  3. Proceed then to Iki Town by following Route 1.

Route 1

  1. A cutscene with Professor Kukui will play as you come halfway on Route 1.

Encountering Tapu Koko and your Rival, Hau

Iki Town

  1. There’s not much to do here other than to explore the area. When you’re done, head to the Mahalo Mountain Trail north of Iki Town.

Mahalo Mountain Trail

  1. Upon entering the mountain path, a cutscene will play. Nebby, the Pokémon inside the bag of the mysterious girl from the previous cutscene, will try to cross an old wooden bridge, but will get attacked by a flock of Spearow. You need to get to the Pokémon to rescue it,  but the bridge gives way!
  2. Tapu Koko will appear and help you and the Pokémon before fleeing the scene.
  3. When Tapu Koko leaves, an item will be on the ground. Pick up the Sparkling Stone and proceed back to the Iki Town Plaza.

Iki Town

  1. When you return to Iki Town, you’ll encounter a cutscene with Professor Kukui.
  2. After the cutscene, you’ll spot your rival Hau approaching Professor Kukui to choose his starter Pokémon.
    • Tip: Popplio will be very useful early on the game as it can use Fairy-type moves.
  3. After the battle, Professor Kukui gifts you the Pokédex which records all the Pokémon you’ve seen or caught. He also gives you a trainer’s pass which will be useful all throughout your journey.
  4. While heading home, you’ll be challenged by Hau to a Pokémon battle. Unlike most rivals in the series, his starter Pokémon will be weak to your starter Pokémon.
    • For example, if you selected Litten, he’ll pick Rowlet.
  5. After defeating Hau, head back home to deposit the Sparkling Stone before heading out again to Route 1.
Rowlet (Grass), Litten (Fire) and Popplio (Water)

Route 1

Pokémon Encounters

Name Possible Levels
Pikipek 3
Ledyba 2-3
Caterpie 2
Yungoos 3
Bonsly 12


Name Location
Potion Near the gray rock beside the stairs to Iki Town.
Nest Ball Inside the area blocked by rocks. (Needs Tauros)
Zygarde Cell

Trainers Encountered

Name Pokémon Reward
Youngster Kenta Rattata (Lv. 3) 60 pokédollars
Lass Yui Caterpie (Lv. 3) 72 pokédollars
Preschooler Minoru Yungoos (Lv. 4) 48 pokédollars
  1. When you enter Route 1 the second time, Professor Kukui will meet up with you and teach you how to catch Pokémon.
  2. Once you’ve finished the tutorial, Professor Kukui will give you 5x potions and 10x Pokéballs as a starter set.
  3. Head north on Route 1 to Iki Town.

Iki Town

  1. Upon entering Iki Town, Hala the Kahuna tells you about the festival that’s about to happen. Walk towards the second set of steps, where Hau is waiting to challenge you again.
    • Unlike the first time you faced him,  Hau also has a Pichu that uses Static in battle. It would be best to avoid using Physical attacks since the attacker has a 30% chance of being paralyzed. along with his Lv. 5 starter Pokémon. Make sure to have Paralyze Heal or Potions to prevent your Pokémon from being fully paralyzed.
  2. After you win the battle, you’ll receive the “Z-Ring” from Hala which helps you unlock the Z-moves of your Pokémon. He tells you that the “Z-Ring” was made from the Sparkling Stone that you found before, and that it’s time for you to go on your island mission – or island missions!
  3. After the battle with Hau, you will have a short interaction with Lillie before going home to rest.

Hau’oli City, the next day

Pokémon Encounters

Name Possible Levels
Slowpoke 7
Wingull 6
Yungoos 6


Name Location
Awakening Just beyond the grassy area to your left

Trainers Encountered

Name Pokémon Reward
Lass Madison Wingull (Lv. 7) 144 pokédollars
Youngster Kevin Grubbin (Lv.6) 120 pokédollars
  1. Lillie shows up at your doorstep, and asks you to come with her to Professor Kukui’s laboratory, the Pokémon Research Lab. Before you leave, however, Mom will give you 30,000 pokédollars for pocket money.
    Proceed to the laboratory with Lillie. Lillie explains a little about her Pokémon, Nebby or Cosmog. She thinks that it is a very rare Pokémon from far away, with a strange power that some people want for themselves. That is why she only trusts Professor Kukui and Kahuna Hala about it. She then asks you to keep what she told you a secret. Go on to the building on the beach, but before you get there, you will be challenged by two trainers.
  2. Kukui will greet you once you’re inside the laboratory, and ask for your Pokédex. He then upgrades it with the  Electric Pokémon Rotom, to turn it into the “Rotom Dex”. Hau appears after Kukui explains to you what the upgraded Pokédex can do.
  3. Kukui explains to you and Hau about the Island Challenge: Travel to the seven islands of Alola, finish the seven trials of each island’s Kahuna, and get proof of your accomplishment. Kukui then hands you the Island Amulet, then tells you to go to the Trainers’ School. The Rotom Dex makes it easier for you to navigate.


Trainer’s School

Pokémon Encounters

Name Possible Levels
Magnemite 8
Grimer (Alola) 7
Meowth (Alola) 6


Name Location
Potion Under the palm tree to the right of the School’s entrance
Antidote Middle of the west side of the school, within tall grass
Paralyze Heal Bottom of the west side of the school
Potion Bottom left corner of the playing court at your left
Quick Claw From a woman inside the Trainers’ School

Trainer Encounters

Name Pokémon Reward
Youth Athlete Hiromi Pikipek (Lv. 8) 224 pokédollars
Youngster Joey Metapod (Lv.7) pokédollars
Preschooler Mia Bonsly (Lv. 7) 84 pokédollars
Rising Star Joseph Grimer (Alola)(Lv. 7) 384 pokédollars
Teacher Emily Magnemite (Lv. 8)/ Meowth (Alola)(Lv. 9) 432 pokédollars

Tip: You can get the Quick Claw from a woman inside the building .

  1. Lillie will take you to the Hau’oli City Pokémon Center. The Center has a Poké shop inside, so you can buy items while getting your team healed. Buy some Potions from the shop to prepare for future battles. It also has a café, and explains that they sometimes sell special treats while giving tips for trial-goers.
  2. Go further west and enter the Trainers’ School. Kukui will meet you and Lillie there, and tells you that you need to beat four trainers. Before facing them, however, Kukui gives you the Exp. Share.Kukui also gives you an important tip: Once you’ve faced a particular kind of Pokémon, you can easily see what type of moves will work the best against them.Before taking on the challenge, walk around the School grounds to get some items. Meanwhile, the grassy area at the left side of the school has wild Pokémon for you to catch.
  3. The trainers that you need to beat are standing in different areas of the school grounds:
    • Standing near the end of the right-side wall of the school.
    • Standing just beyond a fence at the left side of the school.
    • Inside the building, beside the stairs.
    • Standing in the playing court outside.

    When you have defeated all four trainers, the last one will give you your first Technical Machine (TM ) – TM01, or Work Up. You will then get called to the office on the second floor of the school.

  4. The teacher standing at the top of the stairs will challenge you to a battle. She will use a Level 8 Magnemite and a Level 9 Meowth, so a Pokémon that knows Rock-type moves is your best bet. Defeat the teacher to get 432 Pokédollars. She will also give you 5 Great Balls for your win.
  5. After defeating the teacher, Kukui and Lillie show up with someone in tow. He introduces himself as Captain Ilima. He says that he is one of the people who conduct the trials you will have to face before taking on the island kahuna. Captain Ilima adds that his trial is held at Verdant Cavern, and suggests that you add some more Pokémon to your team before attempting his trial.
  6. A cutscene featuring Lillie, Hala and Hau, as well as the Tauros you have seen in Hau’oli City will happen. Afterwards, Hau will join you and Lillie to find something to eat. Hau runs off, and Lillie runs after him.

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