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Pokémon Sun & Moon will be out on November 18, 2016, but more new game features are being confirmed prior to the game’s release. One of the awesome game mechanics to debut in the series’ latest installment is Hyper Training! This allows players to continue training their Pokémon that have reached level 100!

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Hyper Training



Hyper Training will raise the Individual Values (IV) of Pokémon that have reached the level 100 cap. This is likely to add more depth to competitive play.

To access Hyper Training, you have to find Mr. Hyper somewhere in the Alola region and give him Bottle Caps! Be sure to stock up on these to unlock your Pokémon’s true potential!




A Pokémon and its Trainer can unleash a very powerful attack called a Z-Move by merging their wills as one. This move requires a Z-Ring and a Z-Crystal, and will make its debut in Pokémon Sun & Moon.

All Pokémon are capable of using a Z-Move, though they can only be used once per battle.



The Z-Ring and Z-Crystal are shown above. Acquire them to perform devastating attacks!



A Trainer and his Pokémon work together to perform a Z-Move.






There are Z-Moves for all Pokémon types. Of course, they’re going to have really awesome move animations!

SOS Battles



Pokémon Sun & Moon will feature Island Challenges, an adventure across the four islands of the Alola region. To complete an Island Challenge, players will have to go through the Trials found on each island. The last stage of each Trial is a battle encounter with a Totem Pokémon called an SOS Battle! The Totem Pokémon can even summon an ally to make the battle even more challenging!

Wild Pokémon encountered may also occasionally call for help so be sure prepare for tougher random battles!

Pokémon Global Link (PGL)




Pokémon Global Link (PGL) lets players arrange and participate in Friendly Competitions with other players. They get to organize and decide the rules and restrictions for battles.

There a two types of Friendly Competitions:

  • Online Competition
    The Online Competition allows players to take on challengers from around the world! Players can also set rules and restrictions that will only allow certain players to participate.
  • Live Competition
    The Live Competition is designed more for having fun with your friends! By using a QR code containing a Digital Player ID, players can organize battles with their friends according to their specified conditions.

Battle Royal



Pokémon Sun & Moon will feature a new and awesome battle format – Battle Royal! This mode pits four players against each other in an explosive four-way battle!

While a four-player game was possible in previous Pokémon games, it only allowed players to battle in a two-on-two setup. Pokémon Sun & Moon will be the first to let four players tough it out in a furious melee until only one trainer emerges victorious!



The winner of Battle Royal will be determined by how many Pokémon a player has knocked out and how many he or she has left. Be sure to step-up your game when deciding to attack or defend, and who you choose to target!

Dressing up your character



The image above shows the start of a Battle Royal match in Pokémon Sun & Moon, showing different clothing on each player’s character! It was confirmed at this year’s E3 event on June 15 that players will be able to change their character’s clothing and accessories. While it isn’t exactly a new feature in the Pokémon games, fans have been eagerly awaiting its return.

Viewing Pokémon status changes



Also revealed during the event was a new feature that lets players easily check any status changes their Pokémon is afflicted with. This includes changes to certain stats such as a Pokémon’s Attack, Defense and Accuracy. This makes it more convenient in making sure that your Pokémon is in top condition!

Move Suggestion



Pokémon Sun & Moon will also include a nifty new feature that helps players during battles. When players face Pokémon that have previously been encountered, the game will display a move’s effectiveness against it (effective, super-effective, not very effective or no effect at all). Now, it won’t be too hard to tell which moves will give you the edge in battle!

The left side of the move display screen seems pretty empty, though. Could that space contain more features when the game finally comes out?

Rotom Pokédex



The new Rotom Pokédex in Pokemon Sun & Moon makes it easier to see the possible evolutions of Pokémon caught once they are registered. A white Pokéball icon on the screen near the registered Pokémon’s image will conveniently indicate its evolution paths if it has any!

Getting into Trainer Battles



Avid fans of the previous Pokémon games are all too familiar with how you get into battles with other Trainers. Once they catch sight of you, you’re in for an intense battle!

In Pokémon Sun & Moon, you can tell whether someone is a Trainer itching for a battle or just a passive character. When approaching people that you can battle, the screen vignettes. This is to warn you that the character will challenge you!

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Rotom Pokédex



In Pokémon Sun & Moon, Professor Kukui will give the player a Rotom Pokédex. Since Rotom is able to inhabit various electronic appliances, it has taken over a Pokédex that will help the player in his or her adventures in the Alola region.



The Rotom Pokédex displays the current position of the player and where to head next. This makes it easier to take on the vast Alola region so you won’t get lost!



What’s even more awesome is that the Rotom Pokédex actually talks and has its own personality – truly a first among Pokemon games! While this seems a lot more fun than in past games, we hope the Rotom Pokédex isn’t too much of a blabbermouth!

Discovering new Pokemon using a QR code



Pokémon Sun & Moon will also allow players to scan QR codes to see information on different kinds of Pokémon. The official website also says that you can scan any QR code you find all around you!



Scanning special QR codes will register certain Pokémon on your Pokedex! While you’ll still need to catch that Pokémon in the game, the Pokédex will handily display its location so you’ll know where to find it!

These special QR codes seem to available on Pokémon Ga-Olé disks for Pokemon Ga-Olé which was released in Japan on July this year.

The QR codes however are likely to contain Pokédex data only on Pokémon that inhabit the Alola region. More Pokémon QR code data might be available in the future.

It may also be possible to view the QR code of a Pokémon already registered in the Pokédex. This might be good for when you want to share and collect Pokémon with your friends!

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