Bugs and Glitches Summary [Pokemon Sun and Moon]

Summary of all the bugs and glitches that could look funny or just be plain weird.

Wait, there are bugs?

No, we’re not talking about the Bug Type pokemon running around in the grass. We’re talking about in-game. Since the games recent debut, players reported seeing several bugs in the game. Some have reported that the battles weren’t working. Others have reported about the type compatibility not working like it should. But one of the most prominent ones is this one:

Courtesy from the twitter of tsukoJP, he took a picture of a few of the glitches to show people what’s been happening. One of the more hilarious ones was seeing Mom’s arm stretch out far beyond normal human capacity. When you look at it, kinda makes you wonder if she’s a gender-bent Mr. Fantastic. It looks kinda sketchy especially since you’re not sure where that arm of hers is going.

So, what kinds of glitches have you encountered in game? Don’t be shy! Leave a comment at the box below and share us your experience in playing the game! After all, Pokémon is a game that’s meant not to just to be finished on your own but with friends.

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Both of my Sun and Moon games are doing the exact same glitch. Every time I beat the champ and get to the celebration scene in Iki Town, the scene replays over and over again. Happened on Moon, had to get a new one, still happened, got Sun, still happened.

The biggest glitch I’m having right now, that randomly started and will NOT go away no matter what I calibrate, is during switch menus in pokemon battles, and in the bag (all menus with that), the arrow stays going down no matter what I do. My joystick is fine, calibrates touchscreen, restarted game and 2ds, and 2ds is brand new, bought a couple months ago with no major damage. It can only be a game glitch at this point, but extremely annoying nonetheless.

I can’t get the last zygarde cell

I have a glitch that won’t make my pokemon’s EVs grow.

My sister has this weird glitch going on in her game that causes rockruffs to breed and produce random other Pokemon. She also said that sometimes her game crashed when an egg hatches or a Pokemon levels up. Idk, mine doesn’t do that, but I have moon and she has sun.

Found one glitch in battle tree. After fighting my Pokémons stats don’t go back to its original numbers ex: Alakazam lvl 79 300+ Sp. Atk. Now he’s 245 Sp. Atk and still 79 anyone else having problems like this.

2 glitches on my game:
1. When a pichu calls for help the game crashes
2. When I went into the first city after the first trial on Akala island the game crached when the machamp appeared on the screen
Please leave a comment if you have the same problem or you know how to fix this problem!