“Pokémon Sun & Moon” New Pokémon determination!! What kind of Pokemon called “ネッコアラ(Nekkoala)” and “イワンコ(iwanko)?

New pokémon called “Nekkoala” and ” iwaanko” of “the Pokemon sun moon” causes a topic!
This information became clear with the most new magazine selled in Japan, but the reliability of the information will be high.



Common usage in a series, it is expected with normal Pokemon in the early stages.

New ability “zettainemuri” is like the effect that is status problem except the sleep.
It is a convenient ability, what kind of effect is it specifically?

  • Expected pattern 1 : Blocked status problem except the sleep.
  • Expected pattern 2 : Other status problem changes for a sleep.
  • Expected pattern 3 : Because always sleep in battle, don’t suffer from other status problem

I think that I come under Expected pattern1 or Expected pattern3!!


New pokémon is rock type.
Because it is “puppy pokémon”, it is very pretty.
I look forward to this pokémon What kind of figure do you evolve in.

I expect it for a followup…

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