Pokémon Sun & Moon : Everything new system! “Battle royal”and new battle window

We have new details on new systems coming in the latest addition to the Pokémon franchise, “Pokémon Sun and Moon!”

Battle Royal
Introducing the brand new “Battle Royale” mode!
4 players, each in their own positions, will duke it out in a free-for-all!
Until now we’ve had 4 player multi-battles, but those were only available as 2v2 team battles, so this is the first time we’re getting a mode were all 4 players can fight each other!
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The winner will be decided by the number of Pokémon that you defeated as well as the number remaining on your own team!
We can look forward to loads of fun deciding whether to attack or defend, and carefully plotting who to aim at next.
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This picture shows the start screen before a Battle Royale, but as you can see, each trainer is wearing a different outfit!
On June 15th at E3 2016, it was also officially announced that your trainer will once again be able to customize their wardrobe!!

This feature has been included in previous Pokémon games, and fans have eagerly anticipated its revival!

Viewing your opponent’s Pokémon’s stats
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This screenshot is from the E3 2016 demo.
When you’re selecting an attack for your Pokémon, you can now also view a summary of your monster!
It’s conveniently organized in a vertical fashion for easy viewing.
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Also, when you fight a Pokémon you’ve fought before, the game will tell you what moves worked well against it! It’ll help you keep track of what’s super effective so you’ll never make a mistake again!

By the way, notice anything odd about the edge of the left side of the screen where the player is choosing a move?

This may confirm the rumors that there will be more moves you can use under certain conditions!

Further improvements to the pokedex!
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This edition’s newly announced “Rotom ‘dex” will show something like this when you catch a new Pokémon!
Also, by the pokeball mark in the margins of the screenshot above it looks like that you can see things like a Pokémon’s previous evolutions and other ‘mons that pair with it!
Looks like it can be used as a reference to see what Pokémon can be evolved or not!

Indication when you’re near a trainer looking for a battle!
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When your eyes meet, it’s time to battle!
This is a well-known fact among fans.
In Sun and Moon, when you come close to a trainer looking for a battle, the screen will be shrouded top-to-bottom in a dark shadow.
This adds to the tension as well as makes it easy to know when you can battle with a nearby NPC.

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