How to raise Pokemon’s Friendship [Pokemon Sun and Moon]


This article will discuss how to raise Pokemon’s Friendship and how to check its progress.


Friendship is a hidden status that indicates how much a Pokemon is attached to its Trainer. Some Pokemon cannot evolve without reaching a certain Friendship with the Trainer.

How to raise Friendship

■ Having a Pokemon in your party
Friendship will slightly rise if you keep the Pokemon in your party while journeying through the game.

■ Soothe Bell
Friendship will rise if a Pokemon is holding Soothe Bell. You can obtain this by talking to a man at Route 3.

■ Using Luxury Balls
Friendship will rise faster if you catch a wild Pokemon with a Luxury Ball.
Luxury Balls are available at the store near Route 2’s Pokémon Center.

■ Visiting the Pokemon Groomer
Friendship will greatly increase when you take Pokemon to the Pokemon Groomer. Speak to a woman on the right side of the Incense shop in Konikoni City on Akala Island. Grooming can only be done once a day.

■ Using the Isle Avue in Poke Pelago
You can increase Friendship by taking Pokémon to Isle Avue through the Poké Pelago feature. Be warned that if you leave your Pokemon the hot spring for more than 24 hours, it will have hot flashes, causing its Friendship to go down.

■ Giving your Pokemon a meal at the Festival Plaza
Friendship will rise if you feed your Pokemon Friendship Meals or Sweets at the food stall at the Festival Plaza. The menu will expand by raising the rank of the store.

How to Check the Pokemon’s Friendship

Friendship does not appear as a numerical value. To check the Friendship, talk to a woman next to the Technical Machine (TM) Store in Conico City at Akala Island. You will know if the Friendship is at maximum if she tells you “It is totally over you”.

Friendship is different from Pokemon Refresh’s Affection rating

Giving your Pokemon Pokebeans will only increase its affection. Please note that this is different from Friendship. Raising the Pokemon Refresh will increase Exp gained per battle and makes it easier to avoid enemy attacks.

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