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Slaking, the evolved version of Slakoth and Vigoroth, is a normal type Pokémon with one of the highest ATK and HP stats in the game. Slaking is also one of the few Pokémon that can use specific attacks such as Thunderbolt to handle Flying, Water types. It is also capable of learning Fire Blast for Gourgeist-XL and Tangela. Despite its amazing stats, it unfortunately has the Truant ability. This allows other Pokémon to outrun it before it even has a chance to attack. Most people would prefer using either Ursaring, Bouffalant, or Stoutland as an alternative to Slacking.

Type 1 Type 2


Normal characteristics


HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Agility
150 160 100 95 65 100

Type Compatibility

Type compatibility
Super Effective x4
Super Effective x2 Fighting
Not Effective x 1/2
Not Effective x 1/4
No Effect Ghost


Physical Attacks Special Attacks Special Moves
Hammer Arm Yawn
Pursuit Encore
Return Taunt
Counter Toxic
Façade Amnesia
Giga Impact Slack Off
Low Kick Bulk Up
Shadow Claw
Double Edge
Fire Blast
Night Slash
Sucker Punch
Fire Punch
Ice Punch

Choice Band Type

Name Description
Nature Jolly
Ability Truant
EffortValues Attack 252 Speed 252
Held Item Choice Band
Required Move List Giga Impact

When using this item, Slaking is made more into a cannon. The Choice Band is an item that increases a pokémon’s attack by 50%. But doing so also drops the speed. In this case, it’s alright for Slaking since he has the Truant ability which makes him skip a turn or two. Having the Choice Band synergize with the Giga Impact can have Slaking taking out enemies with a single hit.

Encore Type

Name Description
Nature Jolly/Adamant
Ability Truant
Effort Value Attack 252 Speed 252
Item Held Life Orb/Lum Berry
Required Move List Giga Impact/Encore

Slaking here on the other hand takes a tankier role in comparison to the Choice Band build. This build allows him to sustain damage but at the same be able to inflict heavy damage per round. Using the Life Orb allows him to sustain throughout battle and can help you heal your Pokémon if they’re all downed. There’s also not much to worry about it not being able to do much damage. It has one of the highest ATK and HP bases in the game which can make him quite a nuisance to deal with.

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