Z-Crystal Locations [Pokemon Sun and Moon]


Z-Moves are powerful new attacks in Pokemon Sun and Moon. This article will reveal the locations and methods to obtain Z-Crystals that allow the player to use Z-Moves.



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There are two types of Z-Crystals: Those for a specific Pokemon Type and those only for a specific Pokemon.

The Z-Crystal can be used by assigning them to a Pokemon of a certain Type or to a specific Pokemon.

Z-Crystal Island Locations

Below is a list on where to obtain various Z-Crystals on each island.

The name of the lateral notation is as follows:
[Type]: Z-Crystal exclusive for a Pokemon Type
[Exclusive]: Z-Crystal exclusive to a specific Pokemon

Melemele Island

Z-Crystal Location
[Type] Normalium Z Verdant Cavern after completing Ilima’s Trial
[Type]Fightinium Z After completing the Hala’s Grand Trial
[Type]Flynium Z Ten Carat Hill at the Hau’oli City Outskirts. You need to use the Machamp Ride Pager to get there.
[Exclusive] Decidueye Z Leave your house after completing the main story
[Exclusive] Incineroar Z After leaving the your house after completing the game
[Exclusive] Primarina Z After leaving the your house after completing the game

Akala Island

Z Crystal Location
[Type] Firium Z Vera Volcano Park after completing Kiawe’s Trial
[Type] Grassium Z Lush Jungle after completing Mallow’s Trial
[Type] Rockium Z Konikoni City after completing Olivia’s Grand Trial
[Exclusive] Pikanium Z Obtained from a girl standing near a bench to the north of Konikoni City
[Exclusive] Aloraichium Z Show the lady that is standing to the right of the Steelix-shaped boat at Seafolk Village a Alolan Raichu


Ula’Ula Island

Z-Crystal Location
[Type] Electrium Z Malie City after completing Sophocles’ Trial
[Type] Steelium Z Malie City after completing Sophocles’ Trial
[Type] Ghostium Z Thrifty Megamart after completing Acerola’s Trial
[Type] Psychium Z On a Golden Pedestal in Haina Desert
[Type] Buginium Z Shady Mansion after defeating Team Skull Boss Guzma
[Type] Darkinium Z Shady Mansion after completing Nanu’s Grand Trial

Poni Island

Z-Crystal Location
[Type] Poisonium Z Exeggutor Island after defeating the Team Skull Grunts
[Type] Groundium Z After completing Hapu’s Grand Trial
[Type] Fairium Z Poni Island Great Canyon and given by Trial Captain Mina after meeting her
[Type] Dragonium Z Poni Island Great Canyon after Hapu’s Trial

Pokemon League (Urawa Island and Tapu Village)

Z-Crystal Location
[Type] Icininium Z Mount Lanakila Cave before entering the Pokemon League
[Exclusive] Tapunium Z Pokemon League after reaching the Hall of Game

Other Locations

Z-Crysta Location
[Exclusive] Snorlium Z Available from an event Munchlax’s Mystery Gift
[Exclusive] Ash’s Pikachu Z ?
[Exclusive] Mew Z ?
[Exclusive] Marshadow Z ?
[Exclusive] Eevium Z Royal Avenue on Akala Island after completing the main story

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