Resident Evil 3 - Demo Walkthrough Mr Charlie Location Guide

A guide that shows the possible locations of the Mr. Charlie statuettes obtainable in Resident Evil 3.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Walkthrough and Guide

Resident Evil 3 Mr Charlie Locations

Resident Evil 3 - Mr Charlie

A series mainstay since Resident Evil 7 are collectible bobblehead figures. In Resident Evil 3, the demo walkthrough contains around 20 bobbleheads called Mr Charlie. Below is a list of the number and locations they can be found.

*Update: Props to r/Jesusness and the folks on reddit for uncovering the spots of the remaining Mr Charlie statuettes.

List of Mr. Charlie Locations

1 Check by the Subway Train near the starting point.
2 Beside one of the first files you’ll come across. After climbing the stairs to reach the room just before heading out to streets, search the table.
3 After finding the first zombie, check the parked ambulance near a stretcher.
4 When you reach a room with a group of zombies, search the police car.
5 Locate Toy Uncle and then look under the scaffolding.
6 Enter Donut Moon diner and inspect behind the counter. The bobblehead is on the corner next to the microwave.
7 Climb to the roof using the stairs and then continue to the east side of the rooftop. Examine the power box.
8 Still on the rooftop, from the spot where you found the crate with the Red Herb follow the catwalk to reach the storage room. Search the stacks of boxes on the upper shelf to find it resting on a corner.
9 Examine the corner of the railroad tracks outside the storage room.
10 After finding the previous bobblehead, turn around until you face south where Donut Moon diner stands to find another one.
11 After getting the Bolt Cutters in the diner’s kitchen, head to the downtown supermarket. Cut the chain to gain access and inspect the counter.
12 Defeat the surrounding zombies and cut the chain to reach the alley. Pick off the pair of zombies and then search the spot flanked by vents near the Hand Grenade and the Shotgun Shells.
13 Head to the pharmacy and search the shelves.
14 Look for the subway office and check the broken cabinet under the bookshelf.
15 After getting the hose and encountering Nemesis, move a bit to the corner near the fire hydrant and scan the area to find a distant vent. Approach cautiously to avoid the prompt or you’ll have to start over.*
16 Seek the police car near Toy Uncle. You need to have the zombie break the door.**
17 Locate the spot close to the Subway office. You can find it near the police car right outside of Donut Moon diner. You need to perform at least 25 perfect dodges.
18 Return to the Pharmacy to find that one of the zombies regained consciousness. Check beneath him for the Mr. Charlie bobblehead.***
19 Eyeball the Mr. Charlie poster in Toy Uncle and then scan the rooftop of Donut Moon diner.
20 Combine HG Gunpowder x2: You can find one of these in the Pharmacy. Use the Bolt Cutters to cut the chain of the supermarket and loot the other one from the shelf. From Donut Moon diner, go up the stairs to the rooftop and lower the emergency ladder. After getting the pair of Gunpowder, backtrack to the subway and interact with Mikhail. Return to the ladder spot to find a new zombie near the last Mr. Charlie.

*You need to complete the objective, put out the fire, to find this bobblehead.

**Many events can cause the bobblehead to spawn:

  • One might require reaching near the end of the demo (use the fire hose and trigger the nemesis fight).
  • Have Nemesis come at you for a while, you need to lure him to the spot and knock him down for at least 3 times.

***Requires using the fire hydrant and defeating a zombie that spawns at the center of cars close to the police car near the supermarket.

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