Resident Evil 3 - What We Know From the Demo So Far


Following the release of the reimagining of Resident Evil 3, we compiled a list to sum up the easter eggs, answers, and steps that were easy to overlook. Check out the recent discoveries from the demo in the latest foray of the all-new Resident Evil 3.

Resident Evil 3 Demo Information

Mr Charlie Locations

The last four of the Mr Charlie statuettes were quite different from their predecessors in the way they spawn in the demo. Many a player was stumped trying to figure out ways to expose them due to the meticulous process that they involve. Fortunately folks from reddit like u/Jesusness and others shared ways on how to make them appear. If you’re one of the registered users that aims to take home some Ambassador Points, you’re in for a treat. Below is a list of the locations and some tidbits.

Perfect Dodge

The first of the last set of Mr Charlie dolls requires the player to surpass their Perfect Dodge timing skills. The perfect dodge is an evasive action that needs some strict timing to pull off. Instead of pressing a combination of buttons on the fly, the Perfect Dodge has to have the player close to an enemy and time their reactive action almost akin to the dodge in the classic games. You need to have Jill do a whopping 25 Perfect Dodges and then visit the police car outside of Moon Donut.

Pharmacy Zombie

After completing the sub-objective, putting out the fire, turn around and back track to the Pharmacy. You can find a supposedly “dead” zombie come back to life. Take him and out and then check the nearby spot next to it for the Mr Charlie.

Stare at the poster

Another Mr Charlie spawn that was easy to overlook. After arriving at Toy Uncle, eyeball the mascot’s poster for a while and then look at the rooftop. You should see another Mr Charlie spawn somewhere far away.

Dialogue with Mikhail

Known as the 20th, or final piece of the Mr Charlie dolls, this one consists of many precise steps. First, the player needs to locate two High-Grade Gunpowder which takes them to two different spots in Raccoon City. Next, they need to report back to Mikhail which prompts them to backtrack all the way back to the underground subway station. Finally, they need to locate the spawn point of the Mr Charlie doll to find it.

Safe Password

The Safe in the Owner’s Room appears on the rooftop near Moon Donuts. Without looking at guides, this can easily leave players guessing unless they have searched every nook-and-cranny around town. For those who missed it, the answer lies on the poster inside the Pharmacy where a nostalgic brand shows up, “Aqua Cure.” Looking closely, one can see some numbers highlighted in red circles, and if you put two and two together, you can form a code with it.

The brand is a throwback to the classic game’s TV ad, which cycles between on of three possible brands due to its randomized feature. It appears to be a clever way of sneaking in some of those nostalgic brands.

Ambassador Points

Speaking of Mr Charlie, the official website also debuted its campaign to invite players on a scavenger hunt during the demo’s release. Rewards which come as Ambassador Points await for players who can accomplish such feat during the campaign period. These points allow registered players to earn virtual experience points which count toward attaining a new rank to qualify for special Resident Evil themed events.

Lockers that cannot be opened

Some sources mentioned the presence of suspicious lockers situated in three places across the Raccoon City demo. Based on trial and error, these lockers don’t open when interacted with nor do they pry open through brute force from a knife or gun shot. It’s likely that these may return in the official game and hints that the player eventually obtains the lockpick, a classic key item.

New Zombie type

When nearing the end of the demo, players are forced to encounter Nemesis, the new type B.O.W. notorious for tracking down the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members. However, the boss isn’t the only one showing up. After the cutscene, players can find a new type zombie enemy with a blob covered head.

Honorable Mentions

Below are other cool finds and thought-provoking mysteries that have been discovered or solved.

Easter Eggs

Capcom squeezed in a couple of references on Resident Evil 3 in a fashion that alludes to 90’s shows. Compared to the former findings, the easter eggs show up right outside the Subway train so they’re not easy to overlook. Hug the wall and scan the posters that decorate the underground station walls to find some of those nostalgic elements like the Megaman ad and some tribute to famous movies and even novels.

Another set of easter eggs consist of Resident Evil’s universe. Much like the classic that the revival pays homage to, the demo teases some of the in-universe brands and give the fictional areas their own charm. Brands like the Big-E, a famous band that can be inspected in the classic game’s alley makes a return in an attractive poster boasting the bands’ stylish group of four. Other references unique to Resident Evil 3 include the Raccoon Hall puzzle, the one adorned with jewels of various colors; and the iconic Stagla gas station that houses the mixed oil.

Debunked mysteries

While we think we’ve already exhausted the game enough, some fans discovered even more interesting quirks that the demo has to offer. Findings range from testing enemy AI behavior using interactive objects to testing game actions. Shoutout to MELOO for uploading the video.


For the sheer novelty, we also decided to include the use of mods. Props to the many youtube channels have already done some experiments with the Steam version. Having already covered a some of it from the above video, you can also find another one down below. Credit to wilsonso for sharing it.

There you have it. The compilation pretty much covered the Raccoon City Demo from top to bottom.

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