Super Mario Odyssey - Cap Kingdom Power Moon No.9 (Hidden Among the Push-Blocks): Location Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon guide shows the location of Hidden Among the Push-Blocks in Cap Kingdom, with puzzle solutions and how to get it.

Hidden Among the Push-Blocks


Hidden Among the Push-Blocks

Found at the top of Top-Hat Tower in the Cap Kingdom.

How to Get

  1. Go to the back of the area before going up to the boss fight location and you will find a red door. Enter the door.
  2. Inside, there is a peculiar looking stage wherein you need to jump onto several moving platforms and tranform as an electric current to progress.
  3. Maneuver your way across 3/4 of the puzzle until you reach an L-shaped moving platform.
  4. After jumping through this platform, look behind it and you will see the Hidden Among the Push-Blocks Power Moon.

Cap Kingdom Power Moons

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