Super Mario Odyssey - Cap Kingdom Power Moon No.10 (Searching the Frog Pond): Location Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon guide shows the location of Searching the Frog Pond in Cap Kingdom, with puzzle solutions and how to get it.

Searching the Frog Pond


Searching the Frog Pond

Found at the northwestern side of Central Plaza in Cap Kingdom. You have to go down from several platforms to reach a red door.

How to Get

  1. In this puzzle, you will need to collect five Moon Shards scattered across the area.
  2. The shards are fairly easy to find, but you need to capture a frog in order to reach some high platforms where the shards are.
  3. The last Moon Shard is hidden at the black of the highest platform to the left of the area, which is above the moving platform where several coins are located.
  4. The Searching the Frog Pond Power Moon appears near the exit once you collect all five shards.

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