Super Mario Odyssey - Cap Kingdom Power Moon No.29 (Cap Kingdom Master Cup): Location Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon guide shows the location of Cap Kingdom Master Cup in Cap Kingdom and how to get it.

Cap Kingdom Master Cup


Reward for winning the Master Cup in Cap Kingdom. Talk to the Koopa at the top of the Top-Hat Tower’s brim. You must have beaten the game and have completed the Cap Kingdom Regular Cup to get this Power Moon.

How to Get

  1. At the Top-Hate Tower’s brim, talk to the Koopa to start the Cap Kingdom Master Cup. The race is more difficult to win since you will be pitted against a Golden Koopa who can jump very high.
  2. One good strategy to beat the Golden Koopa is to follow the same lines as you did in the Regular Cup. This means that you should jump over the bridge railings as much as you can to cut your opponent off. Rolling also allows you to gain on other racers if you’re lagging behind.

Cap Kingdom Power Moons

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