Super Mario Odyssey - Cloud Kingdom: Walkthrough

This page contains a strategy guide for the Cloud Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. The guide includes the location for each Power Moons in the kingdom.

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Cloud Kingdom

This page contains a strategy guide on the Super Mario Odyssey Cloud Kingdom. The guide contains a walkthrough for each location in the kingdom, as well as the location for each Power Moon in the area.

Cloud Kingdom: Walkthrough

This Kingdom is a mysterious area in the sky that consists entirely of big clouds. This kingdom is also the location for the first Bowser boss fight in the game. The kingdom has a greater location named the Nimbus Arena. In addition, the Cloud Kingdom is also the smallest kingdom in the game.


  1. Head to the large cloud arena in the center. Bowser will then appear and hop down.
  2. Defeat Bowser.

Power Moon Locations

We have yet to find any power moons in this kingdom. We will be updating this page as soon as we find any power moons.



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