Anthem - Alliance System

A basic guide on the Alliance System in Anthem, including how the system works and the benefits of joining one.

Anthem Alliance System

Benefits of joining an Alliance

Joining an Alliance allows you to gain Coin and Alliance XP by playing with your friends online. Alliance XP is calculated as your regular, or individual, XP after completing expeditions.

Earning Bonuses

Being part of an Alliance earns Coin for your Alliance while also giving you a share of that earned by your allies, even if you are offline.

Coin Rewards

The amount of Coins you earn depends on your contribution to the Alliance. Coins are rewarded every Monday based on Alliance XP earned by the top 5 players in your Alliance.

Alliance Tiers

Earning Alliance XP allows you to level up your Alliance Tier. Having allies with the same Alliance Tiers makes it easy for you to earn Coins. Being in an Alliance with players of higher Tiers earns you less Coin from their contribution.

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