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Anthem Strategy Guide page containing walkthroughs, strategy guides, game databases, tips, and tricks for the new online multiplayer action role-playing game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Anthem News and Updates

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March 2019 “Echoes of Reality” Update Information

Anthem News Echoes of Reality

Anthem’s upcoming update Act 01: Echoes of Reality will be released in March 2019. The contents of the update are detailed in the article below.

View Anthem Echoes of Reality Update Information

Anthem Missions and Walkthroughs

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Main Story Missions

Which Javelin should you choose first?

Prologue Early Warnings
Lost Arcanist Lighting a Fire
Incursion Stare into the Dark
The Role of Freelancer Preventive Precautions
Stare into the Dark 2 Finding Old Friends
Tomb of the Legionnaires The Tomb of General Tarsis
The Fortress of Dawn Mysterious Beginnings
Dear Diary Vanishing Act
Freelancer Down Repairs and Inspiration
Return to the Heart of Rage Challenges of the Legionnaires

Stronghold Guides

Tyrant Mine

Contract Missions

Scars Control Escort Mission
Rune of the Arcanist

Agent Missions

The Role of a Freelancer

Search Locations

High Road Academy Ruins
Monument Watch Fortress of Dawn
Ruins of Shadowmark Valley of Tarsis
Great Falls Canyon Emerald Abyss
East Gate Eastern Reach

Weapon Types List

Weapon Rarity Guide
Assault Rifles Machine Pistols
Marksman Rifles Shotguns
Autocannons Light Machine Guns
Heavy Pistol Sniper Rifles
Grenade Launchers

Anthem Useful Guides

Anthem - Useful Guides

How to Unlock Javelins Javelin Specialties
Echoes of Reality Update Information What to Do After Clearing the Game
Unchangeable Elements Tips for Beginners
Solo Play Advantages / Disadvantages

Anthem Game Information

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System Information

Javelins List Customization
Battle System Javelin Controls
Weapon and Gear Status Effects Crafting Equipment
Alliance System Guild System

Javelin Variants

▼Javelin Variants
Anthem - Ranger Javelin IconRanger Anthem - Colossus JavelinColossus
Anthem - Storm JavelinStorm Anthem - Interceptor JalevinInterceptor

Javelin List

Game Characters

Anthem - Character FreelancerThe Freelancer Anthem - Character FayeFaye
Anthem - Character HalukHaluk Anthem - Character OwenOwen
Anthem - TassynTassyn Anthem - Character MatthiasMatthias
Anthem - Character YarrowYarrow Anthem - Character PraxleyPraxley
Anthem - Character BrinBrin Anthem - Character The MonitorThe Monitor

Character List

Anthem Database

Weapons List Gear List
Pilot Level Rewards Trophy List
Landmark List

Anthem Playable Demo

Playable demo for all players starting February 1!

Anthem Public Demo

Anthem’s playable demo open for all will be available on February 4, 2019. If you have a VIP demo save data, you can transfer your progress to the open playable demo to receive rewards in the game.

VIP playable demo available from January 25 to 27!

Anthem VIP Demo

Customers who pre-ordered the game will receive VIP access to the game’s playable demo from January 25 to 27, 2019.

Playable demo versions across platforms

Playstation 4 Xbox One PC
  • VIP Playable Demo
  • Open Playable Demo
  • VIP Playable Demo
  • Priority Playable Demo
  • Open Playable Demo
  • VIP Playable Demo
  • Pre Playable Demo
  • Early Access
  • Open Playable Demo

Anthem Trailer

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Anthem Game Information

Game Anthem
Genre Action Role-Playing
Platform PlayStation 4 / Xbox One/ Microsoft Windows
Developer BioWare Edmonton
Publisher Electronic Arts
Release date February 22, 2019
Official Website

Anthem Game Overview

From the BioWare, the developers of the Mass Effect series, comes a new third-person shooting game with role-playing elements to combat strange creatures using powered exosuits called “Javelins”. The game centers around a group known as “Freelancers”, individuals who venture outside the safety of their settlements to explore the outside world.


Central to the gameplay of Anthem are powered suits known as Javelins and the player’s ability to customize them. Equipping various parts and weaponry allow the player to hunt down the alien threat lurking in uncharted landscapes of the game’s world. In addition, Javelins give players special abilities like flight and superhuman strength.

Ranger and Colossus Javelins

Anthem Top Page Ranger Anthem Top Page Colossus

The game features open-world gameplay where players can team-up with up to three players online. Freelancers can choose from four Javelin classes called Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor.

Interceptor Javelin

Anthem Top Page Interceptor

Each Javelin has its unique set of abilities and roles to fill on a team. The Ranger is a multi-role suit, touting a balanced set of tools to adapt to various situations in battle. The Colossus fulfills the tank role thanks to its heavily-armored exterior. The Storm focuses on airborne assaults and can use powerful technology known as “rage of the hymn”. Lastly, the Interceptor is a close-quarters suit that prioritizes agility in combat.

Storm Javelin

Anthem Top Page Storm

It has been confirmed that players will be able to form relationships with various non-playable characters in the game, a recurring mechanic in well known BioWare games, most notably the Mass Effect series.


Anthem Story

Anthem’s narrative is set in a human settlement called Fort Tarsis, built by and named after a famous soldier named General Helena Tarsis. Freelancers begin their journey at the fort where they take on various missions to explore the wilds beyond. To traverse the landscape and fend off lurking creatures outside their home, players must don Javelins equipped with advanced weaponry and capabilities.