Anthem - Light Machine Guns List

A list of light machine guns in Anthem, including their basic characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Click on a weapon to go to its stats page.
Anthem Weapons
Heavy Pistols Machine Pistols
Shotguns Assault Rifles
Light Machine Guns Marksman Rifles
Grenade Launchers Volt Rifles

Anthem Light Machine Guns

Characteristics of Light Machine Guns

Light machine guns have a moderate amount of ammo per cartridge and feature both high damage and rate of fire.

Light Machine Guns List

Anthem Sledgehammer LMGSledgehammer
Anthem Havoc LMG▶ Havoc
Anthem Relentless LMGRelentless
Renewed CourageRenewed Courage
Artinia's GambitArtinia’s Gambit
Cycle of PainCycle of Pain

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