Anthem - Storm Javelin Information

Javelin information for Storm, an elemental-powered exosuit. Included is the javelin's attributes, unique gear, and abilities.

Anthem - Storm Javelin

Storm Javelin Information

The Storm javelin is a spellcaster-like, long-range fighter and master of the elements. To make up for its light armor, it unleashes a barrage of elemental attacks to enemies.

Focus Resilience
Offense Style Multi-Target
Defense Move Shield
Playstyle Rocket
Playstyle Heavy-Hitting Tank

Javelin Features

Ultimate Ability – Elemental Storm

  • (Must have maxed gauge) Directional pad up + R2

When your gauge is full, you can unleash Elemental Storm. You can raise the attack on the target with the R2 button.

One-stage jump

  • Press and hold x

The Storm can only perform a single-stage jump, unlike the Interceptor which can perform three stages. You can extend flight mode by pressing x after a jump. Flight mode allows you to glide through the air for better mobility.

Dash jump to increase distance

  • L3 + x

By pressing x during a dash, you will be able to extend the distance you cover after the jump.

Teleport on the ground or in the air

  • o During movement or flight

The Storm can teleport while on the ground or in midair. This makes it conventient for avoiding enemy attacks or creating a safe distance away from foes.

Kinesis shields

  • Normal State

The Storm is equipped with a Kinesis Shield that prevents additional effects from enemy attacks and reduces flinching when damaged. The shield is strengthened while hovering to reduce incoming damage.

Javelin Gear and Abilities


The Storm javelin is capable of wielding every weapon type except for Heavy Weapons, which can only be used by the Colossus Javelin.

Melee Ability

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
Fiery Strike Impact Detonator Use the seals on its arm to deliver an explosive flash that deals damage and knocks back enemies that have gotten too close.

Kinesis Gear Abilities

1. Blast Seals

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
Lightning Strike Electric Detonator A targeted strike that deals lightning damage in an area.
Ice Storm Ice Primer Places targeted fields of ice that explode with frost damage and freeze enemies.
Flame Burst Fire Damage A quick explosion that deals fire damage at a target location.
Ice Blast Ice Primer Hurls huge chunks of ice that deal massive force and freezes enemies in close-range.
Living Flame Fire Primer A burst of flame energy that seeks out and ignites targets.

2. Focus Seals

Anthem - Storm Focus Seal

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
Frost Shards Electric Primer Rapid-fire shards of ice that slowly freeze a target in place.
Burning Orb Fire Damage A versatile fire ability that can be fired quickly in small shots or charged for a larger projectile that explodes.
Shock Burst Electric Damage Discharge of electric energy that can be bounced off walls to reached targets behind cover.
Glacial Spear Ice Damage Fires a beam of powerful ice energy in a targeted direction.
Arc Burst Electric Damage Unleashes a bolt of lighting that will leap to nearby targets for heavy damage.

3. Support Seals

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
Wind Wall N/A N/A Creates a translucent wall that will block enemy projectiles
Quickening Field N/A N/A Creates a field that reduces the cooldown on abilities for allies who enter

Combo Effect

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
AoE Spread N/A N/A Spreads the elemental effect to nearby enemies.

Ultimate Ability

Anthem - Storm Ultimate Ability

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
Elemental Storm Blast Detonator Display and manipulate the raw force of the Anthem by emitting successive blasts of frost, electricity, and fire.
Javelin Variants

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