Anthem - Javelin Specialties

The situations in which each specific javelin thrives and details on how each is played.

Which Javelin should be Chosen First?

Anthem gives players a number of Javelins to pilot, each having their own strengths and weaknesses. Here are some recommended Javelins for beginners:


The Storm is recommended for those who want to easily dispatch enemies.

Storm is the most popular Javelin in the game thanks to its ability to safely destroy enemies from long distances. You can use the Storm Javelin to defeat enemies quite easily. Also, it has rather high movement speed, second only to the Interceptor.

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The Colossus is recommended for those who want to play the role of a heavy-hitting tank.

Colossus has excellent firepower and durability, allowing players to soak damage for their team while dishing out hard-hitting attacks. One downside to the Colossus, however, is that it is a bit sluggish. Players need to get used to its handling. Once they can control it, however, taking down a Colossus is a tall order.

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The Ranger is recommended for those who want to use the main character’s suit.

Ranger is a jack-of-all-trades kind of Javelin. It is a very serviceable suit, capable of decent mobility and an assortment of armaments for almost any situation.

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Interceptor is recommended for players who like to get close to enemies. These Javelins excel at weaving in and out of combat and striking opponents at the opportune moments. That said, Interceptors are less armored than other Javelins and are considered to be glass cannons. In terms of mastery, Interceptors are considered to be one of the hardest. Once a player has mastered piloting this suit, it will be quite a task to take them out.

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