Anthem - Ranger Javelin Information

Javelin information for Ranger, a versatile exosuit. Included is the javelin's attributes, unique gear, and abilities.

Anthem - Ranger Javelin

Ranger Javelin Information

The Ranger is the first Javelin you access in Anthem. It is built to handle any situation and has the highest versatility in terms of usable weapons.

Javelin Attributes

Focus Versatility
Offense Style Single-Target
Defense Move Dash
Jump Type Double
Playstyle Soldier

Javelin Features

Ultimate Ability – Micro Missiles

  • (Must have maxed gauge) Directional pad up + R2

When your gauge is full, you can unleash Micro Missiles by pressing Directional pad up + R2. Lock on to enemies within range and launch multiples missiles with the R2 button.

Two-stage jump

  • Press and hold x then tap x again

The Ranger can perform a two-stage jump. You can extend flight mode by pressing x after a jump. You will not be able to adjust the duration of flight mode during the jump’s second stage.

Dash jump to increase distance

  • L3 + x

By pressing x during a dash, you will be able to extend the distance you cover after the jump.

Emergency evasion and barrel roll

  • o during movement or flight

You can perform an emergency evasion by pressing the o button. Performing the move in the air results in a barrel roll to dodge missiles and other enemy projectiles.

Defense Shield

  • Normal State

The Ranger is equipped with a shield that recharges after a period of not receiving damage.

Javelin Gear and Abilities


Rangers are capable of using every weapon type except for Heavy Weapons, which are exclusive to Colossus Javelins.

Melee Ability

Anthem - Ranger Melee Ability

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
Shock Mace Electric Primer Deploy into battle with a hand-held lightning stick for an electrifying melee fight.

Gear Abilities

1. Grenade Gear

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
Frag Grenade Blast Detonator A grenade that blasts everything in a large area with massive damage.
Inferno Grenade Fire Primer A grenade that sets enemies on fire dealing immediate and continuous damage.
Frost Grenade Ice Primer A grenade that freezes nearby opponents on impact.
Seeker Grenades Blast Damage A grenade that splits into multiple enemy-seeking missiles.
Sticky Grenade Blast Detonator A grenade that latches onto enemies, dealing damage with extreme prejudice.

2. Assault Launcher Gear

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
Seeking Missiles Impact Detonator Fires a projectile that seeks out a single target and others immediately around them.
Pulse Blast Impact Detonator Blasts a single target with a massive energy burst.
Spark Beam Fire Damage Releases a beam of energy that does continuous damage to anything it touches.
Venom Darts Acid Primer Inflict burning acid damage with a volley of darts.
Blast Missile Blast Damage Clears the field with a missile that damages a huge area around the point of impact.

3. Support Gear

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
Bulwark Point N/A N/A Keep enemies out of the bubble with a spherical shield that protects your squad.
Muster Point N/A N/A Cover your teammates with a spherical shield that increases weapon damage.

Combo Effect

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
Critical Target Damage N/A N/A Large damage to the detonated enemy.

Ultimate Ability

Anthem - Ranger Ultimate Ability

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
Multi-Target Missile Battery Blast Detonator Unload to your enemies a volley of missiles that can lock onto dozens of moving targets at once.
Javelin Variants

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