Anthem - Weapon and Gear Status Effects

Information about the various status effects of the weapons and gear possess which players can utilize in Anthem.

About Status Effects

Players have access to a variety of weapons and gear in Anthem. Each equipment has its own abilities that aid the player. For instance, some weapons hinder the opponent’s movement, or cause them to further incur damage over time.

Types of Status Effects

Flame Flames engulf an opponent, dealing damage over time
Ice Ice impedes the movement of enemies, leaving them open to attacks
Electric Shock Electricity hits the initial target then bounces to any other enemies nearby
Acid Enemies hit with Acid attacks have their Resistances lowered, making them take more damage


Players deal more damage to opponents by stringing their attacks together with various status effects. Experimenting with different combos allows the players to find their ideal weapons and bring the pain to their enemies.

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