Anthem - Lost Arcanist Walkthrough

Lost Arcanist Walkthrough for Anthem, including mission objectives, obtainable equipment, items, enemy and boss strategies, and mission rewards in the game.

Lost Arcanist Walkthrough

Mission Strategy Guide

Find Matthias Sumner

1 Go to the last confirmed place
2 Investigate the base
3 Track the signals
4 Find the equipment of the Arcanist

Narrow down the location of Matthias with the equipment of the Arcanist

5 Move the equipment of the Arcanist
6 Destroy the Scars hive

Continue searching for Matthias

7 Track the signals
8 Kill the Scars
9 Activate the signal amplifier
10 Track the signals
11 Kill the Scars
12 Repair the radio
13 Kill the Scar leader
14 Eliminate all Scars
15 Repair the radio again

Head to Matthias’ location

16 Enter the ruins
17 Follow Matthias’ trace

Eliminate the threats

18 Kill the Scars
19 Destroy the Scars hive
20 Eliminate all Scars

Rescue Matthias

21 Follow Matthias’ trace
22 Kill Scars
23 Kill the Scar Enforcer
24 Kill the last Reaper and Enforcer
25 Eliminate all Scars
26 Talk with Matthias

Lost Arcanist Rewards

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