Anthem - Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Frequently Asked Questions for Anthem, including some common queries on the game's mechanics in comparison to the Destiny series.

Comparison to the Destiny Series

Are there Raids in the game?

Only content that accommodates up to four people is available at the moment. It is unknown if there are plans to include game modes featuring more than four players in the future.

Is there Exotic equipment in the game?

While the term Exotic has yet to be seen, Anthem will allow players to equip the most powerful equipment with no limitations. You will be able to use a full set of the strongest equipment if you choose.

Is the main story cleared solo?

The main story is advanced by each player individually, though you can form parties with other players to tackle missions.

Will other players exist in the open world?

You can interact with other players in Free Play Mode but not while inside Fort Tarsis.

Is my Pilot Level the same as my Javelin Level?

A player’s Pilot Level is separate from their Javelin Level. Although you will unlock certain skills and features by leveling up your Pilot Level, it does not affect the level of your Javelin.

If you forget to pick up enemy drops, are they automatically sent to your inventory?

Rare item drops are automatically sent to your inventory.

Is there additional paid DLC for the game?

There is no season pass announced for Anthem at this time. Additional content will be added free of charge.

Do enemy drops depend on equipment rarity?

Enemy drops depend on the player’s Pilot Level. This means that it is not necessary to bring the best equipment when farming rare items.

Anthem Specific Q&As

Is there a PvP mode?

There is currently no PVP mode in Anthem, though the possibility of it being implemented in the future has not been discussed.

Is Cross-Save between different systems possible?

There is currently no Cross-Save feature implemented at the game’s release.

Do pieces of equipment have levels?

Pieces of equipment do not have levels. They have rarities instead.

Is the Javelin you start with fixed for the entirety of the game?

You can choose one type of Javelin at the start of the game and unlock the remaining ones as you level up your Pilot Level.

Do you need to pick up dropped items to receive them?

Enemy drops are automatically sent to the player’s inventory, so there is no need to physically pick them up.

Is each Javelin’s flying speed the same?

While flight speed is more or less the same for each Javelin, the game controls to operate each varies.

Can you only create one player character?

Multiple player characters can be created.

Will Javelin’s get new abilities in the future?

It is possible that Javelins may receive buffs or new abilities as additional content in the future.

What happens to dropped items when a mission fails?

You will still receive the dropped items and XP, even after failing the mission’s objective.

Does game difficulty change when going from solo to group play?

The difficulty of missions is adjusted based on the number of people participating in the mission.

Can items be shared between players?

There is currently no trading function in the game.

Are there any respawn limits when you die?

There is no limit to the number of times you can respawn after death, except during specific types of content.

Are there unique boss item drops?

There are currently none.

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