Anthem - Combo Guide

A guide on combos in Anthem. Included are details on their effects and how they differ between javelins.

Anthem - Damage Guide (Priming and Combos)

Combo Guide

Having a good understanding of the combo system in Anthem helps the player maximize the capabilities of their chosen javelin. Learning how to combine your attacks moves properly will allow players to deal more damage to enemies. Here are the three key elements you need to understand when performing combos: Primer Attacks, Detonator Attacks, and Standard Attacks.

Combo Basics

Basically, combo damage consists of  Primer + Detonator Attacks released consecutively (P+D=C). Players would see a “COMBO” status above their enemies if they successfully performed a combo attack.

Primer Attacks

Primer Attacks or Priming refers to an elemental damage type that inflicts a status on enemies. Currently, there are four element damage types:

  • Fire – sets enemies ablaze for sustained damage.
  • Ice – freezes enemies and slows their movement.
  • Electric – electrifies enemies and spreads to enemies’ nearby allies.
  • Acid – decreases enemies’ resistance, increasing the amount of damage that enemies receive in the future.

Detonator Attacks

Detonator Attacks or Detonation refers to the damage types that trigger the combo.

Standard Attacks

Standard Attacks refers to damage types that do neutral damage and do not synchronize with a combo.

Javelin Combo Effects

Apart from the bonus damage received from performing combo attacks, an additional bonus will also be achieved depending on the player’s javelin class.


Anthem - Ranger Javelin

The Ranger‘s combo effect is called “Critical Target Damage.” The combo effect is about dealing more damage when targeting a single enemy.

Ranger Information


Anthem - Colossus Javelin

The Colossus’s combo effect is called “Area of Effect Explosion.” The combo effect is about dealing more damage to enemies around the enemy targetted in the combo.

Colossus Information


Anthem - Interceptor Javelin

The Interceptor’s combo effect is called “Aura.” The combo effect grants the javelin an aura that passes the elemental effect from the comboed enemy onto other enemies close to the javelin.

Interceptor Information


Anthem - Storm Javelin

The Storm‘s combo effect is called “Area of Effect Spread.” The combo allows nearby enemies to receive the same elemental effect received by the comboed enemy.

Storm Information

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