Anthem - Characters List

A list of main and non-playable characters in Anthem. Included are their backround information and their voice talent.

Anthem - Characters List

Anthem Game Characters List

We list down the non-playable characters appearing in Anthem. We grouped them based on their factions and story backgrounds. Also, we added their respective voict actor and acresses.

Freelancers / Strider Crew

Character Background Voice Actor / Actress
Anthem - Character Freelancer (the Player)The Freelancer
Brave Warriors of Humanity 

he player takes the role of a Freelancer, a brave warrior that safeguards humanity and Fort Tarsis. They also gather resources by request. The player is depicted as a brown-haired, fair-skinned woman armored in a black, white, and yellow Ranger Javelin. Players can customize their character’s gender, face, and hair.

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Anthem - Character FayeFaye Navine
Work-Obsessed Cypher

Faye is a strider crew member and work-obsessed Cypher who is very intrigued with the Anthem of Creation. She telepathically communicates with the player on their missions. She can also communicate with the Anthem of Creation on rare occasions, having graduated to the Harvard of Cypher schools.

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Anthem - Character HalukHaluk
Strider Crew Driver/Mechanic and Legendary Freelancer

Haluk takes control of the Strider’s navigation. He is also a legendary Freelancer and mentor to younger Freelancers.

VA (EN): Nick Tarabay
Anthem - Character OwenOwen Corley
Cypher and Strider Crew Member

Owen is the newest member of the Strider, a base of operations for Freelancers. He helps the player by providing information and analysis on missions telepathically. He also desires to have his own javelin.

VA (EN): TJ Ramini
Anthem - Character YarrowYarrow
Retired Freelancer

Yarrow is an old and retired Freelancer who acts as a mentor to the player. He attempts to restore the Freelancer profession to its former glory.

Coming Soon
Anthem - Character Lucky JakLucky Jak
Freelancer Record Keeper

Lucky Jak is a record keeper employed by the Freelancers.

 Coming Soon
Anthem - Character RytheRythe
Fellow Freelancer

Rythe is a fellow Freelancer the players meet in Fort Tarsis.

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Anthem - Character ProsperoProspero
Freelancer Forger

Prospero is a fellow Freelancer who specializes in customizing decals and bodywork for your Javelin

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Anthem - Character ZoeZoe
Freelancer Mechanic

Zoe is a mechanic the Freelancer will meet at Fort Tarsis.

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Fort Tarsis

Character Background Voice Actor / Actress
Anthem - TassynTassyn
The Corvus Spy

Tassyn works for the spy agency called Corvus. Corvus’ goal is to scout and eliminate threats without direct confrontation. It is also the organization that helped develop the Interceptor javelin variant. She gives you assignments like finding their lost agents.

VA (EN): Annie Wersching
Anthem - Character MatthiasMatthias Erryl Sumner
Fort Tarsis Arcanist

Matthias belongs to a group of researcher-monks or scientist-mystics who helped integrate the power of the Anthem of Creation into Javelins, particularly the Storm. He also serves as a quest giver.

VA (EN): Vik Sahay
Anthem - Character PraxleyPraxley
Fort Tarsis Agent

Praxley is an agent living inside of Fort Tarsis. He plays a role as a contact for the Hell or High Water mission.

Coming Soon
Anthem - Character BrinRyssa Brin
Fort Tarsis Sentinel

Brin is a mid-level lieutenant Sentinel who monitors enemy activities outside Fort Tarsis. She also plays the role of an additional quest giver.

VA (EN): Amy Okuda
Anthem - Character NeesonNeeson Giles
Fort Tarsis Laundry Worker

Neeson is a laundry worker in Fort Tarsis who likes to gossip and ingratiate himself with the Freelancers.

VA (EN): Joe Lo Truglio
Fort Tarsis Bar Owner

Max is the charming owner of a bar in the downstairs of Fort Tarsis.

VA (EN): Catherine Tate
Anthem - Character AmalAmal
Fort Tarsis Bartender

Amal is a friendly bartender who works for Max’s Bar.

VA (EN): Jack Mcbrayer
Anthem - Character ArunaAruna Kaule
Fort Tarsis Worker

Aruna is a Fort Tarsis Worker that you will meet in Max’s Bar. Aruna tells you more about Matthias when you meet her.

Coming Soon


Character Background Voice Actor / Actress
Anthem - Character The MonitorThe Monitor
【The Ruler of Dominion】

The Monitor is the current and ruthless leader of the Dominion faction in Anthem. His goal is to claim the “Anthem of Creation” for his own, believing that it is in humanity’s best interest.

VA (EN): Anthony Howell
Anthem - Character Doctor HarkenDoctor Harken
【Dominion Doctor】

Doctor Harken led the attack of Freemark, a former city-state that hosts the “Anthem of Creation” along with The Monitor. His tampering with the “Anthem of Creation” during that time resulted in a violent environmental catastrophe called the “Cataclysm,” destroying Freemark.

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