Anthem - Colossus Javelin Information

Javelin information for Colossus, a tank and heavy artillery exosuit. Included on this page is the javelin's attributes, unique gear, and abilities.

Anthem - Colossus Javelin

Colossus Javelin Information

The Colossus plays the role of tank and heavy artillery for squads in Anthem. The heaviest among all the Javelins, it is more than capable of handling multiple targets at the same time. 

Focus Resilience
Offense Style Multi-Target
Defense Move Shield
Jump Type Rocket
Playstyle Heavy-Hitting Tank

Javelin Features

Ultimate Ability – Siege Cannon

  • (Must have maxed gauge) Directional pad up + R2

When your gauge is full, you can unleash Siege Cannon. This activates a large cannon with the directional button, then fires a high-impact shot when the R2 button is pressed.

Two-stage jump

  • Press and hold x then tap x again

The Colossus can perform a two-stage jump. You can extend flight mode by pressing x after a jump. You can perform a quick boost with the x button after the first stage of the jump to reach maximum altitude.

Dash jump to increase distance

  • L3 + x

By pressing x during a dash, you will be able to extend the distance you cover after a jump.

Damages enemies by jumping from a high position

The Colossus can damage enemies with the impact of its landing by jumping off a high position. The damage increases the higher your altitude before landing.

Physical Shield

  • Equip / Unequip with o

The Colossus can equip a physical shield in battle that blocks attacks both on the ground and in the air. Note that you are only protected from the front, nearly 180 degrees. You can hold the shield up while dashing or flying and can use it to send small foes flying. You can also perform attacks with the shield.

Javelin Gear and Abilities


The Colossus is not capable of holding Pistols or SMGs. However, it is the only javelin that is able to wield any of the Heavy Weapons available in the game.

Melee Ability

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
Heavy Smash Impact Detonator A hard thump onto one enemy at close range.

Gear Abilities

1. Ordnance Launcher Gear

Anthem - Colossus Ordnance Launcher

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
High-Explosive Mortar Blast Detonator Releases an explosive projectile that deals heavy damage to a small area.
Burst Mortar Blast Damage Launch a volley of mini-mortars to blast everything in a huge area.
Firewall Mortar Fire Primer Light the battlefield on fire with a huge wall of flame.
Lightning Coil Electric Detonator Give your enemies a shock with an arc of electricity that targets a random enemy.
Shock Coil Electric Primer Hit every target with waves of electricity.

2. Heavy Assault Launcher Gear

Anthem - Colossus Heavy Assault Launcher

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
Siege Artillery / Blast Missile Impact Detonator Hit your enemies with a hefty rocket.
Flame thrower Fire Primer Turn up the heat with a continuous blast of pure fire.
Railgun Impact Damage Hit one enemy hard with a destructive kinetic projectile.
Venom Spitter Acid Primer Unleash multiple arcing shots of acid down on your enemies.
Heavy Cannon / Flak Cannon Blast Detonator Hit your opponents with a short-range scattershot.

3. Support Gear

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
Battle Cry N/A N/A Incite enemies to attack you while lowering their elemental and physical resistance.
Shield Pulse N/A N/A Gives your friends a damage resistance buff.

Combo Effect

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
AoE Explosion N/A N/A Explosion that damages nearby enemies.

Ultimate Ability

Ability Name Element Damage Type Ability Description
Siege Cannon Blast Detonator Fires a massive shot, deals lots of damage.
Javelin Variants

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