Anthem - Contract: Escort Mission Walkthrough

Contract: Escort Mission Walkthrough for Anthem, including mission objectives, obtainable equipment, items, enemy and boss strategies, and mission rewards.

Contract: Escort Mission Walkthrough

Mission Strategy Guide

Help the Freelancer

1 Head to the Freelancer’s last confirmed position
2 Rescue the 4 Freelancers
3 Eliminate the Scars
4 Eliminate the Scar reinforcements

Kill the Gang

5 Head to the designated location
6 Destroy the battery
7 Eliminate the gangs

Find the missing Freelancers

8 Search for the missing Freelancers
9 Search around the areas

Complete Freelancer’s Request

10 Collect the links
11 Destroy the 3 Scars
12 Eliminate the Scar reinforcements

Contract: Escort Mission Rewards

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