Anthem - Sniper Rifles List

A list of sniper rifles in Anthem, including their basic characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Click on a weapon to go to its stats page.
Anthem Weapons
Heavy Pistols Machine Pistols
Shotguns Assault Rifles
Light Machine Guns Marksman Rifles
Grenade Launchers Volt Rifles

Anthem Sniper Rifles List

Characteristics of Sniper Rifles List

Sniper rifles boast the longest effective range out of all the weapon types, though suffer from the lowest rate of fire and smallest magazine size. Sniper rifles are also capable of shooting special types of ammo. All Javelins can equip and use Sniper rifles.

Sniper Rifles List

Anthem Whirlwind Sniper RifleWhirlwind
Anthem Devastator Sniper RifleDevastator
Wyvern Blitz
Truth of Tarsis
Siege Breaker

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