Anthem - Solo Play Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantage of playing alone in Anthem. Included are some tips on how to survive Solo Play.

Solo Play Advantages and Disadvantages

Anthem has a Solo Play mode for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

While it is recommended that you play Anthem with friends, the difficulty will be adjusted if ever you wish to play solo. You are not really alone in some missions as there will be AI companions to help you with them.

*There is no offline mode for Anthem, so make sure you are connected to the internet even if you choose to play alone.

How to Play Solo

Solo Play Advantages and Disadvantages

You can activate Solo Play by choosing the “Privacy” button on the quest selection screen. Press the button then select “Private.”

Grand Master Difficulty on Solo Play?

There are a total of six difficulty settings to choose from in Anthem. Once you reach Pilot Level 30, you will unlock three new difficulties settings: Grandmaster 1, 2, and 3.

Completing missions in Grand Master is already hard in Multiplayer, so playing them Solo will be much more difficult. It is recommended that you practice these missions in Easy or Normal difficulty before choosing Grand Master.

Benefits of Solo Play

Enjoy the Story

Solo Play Advantages and Disadvantages

By playing solo, you can advance through the story at your own pace, allowing you to view cutscenes without anyone to skip them.

Practice Your Skills

Solo Play Advantages and Disadvantages

You can hone your skills in combat by battling bosses alone. It may take a long time before you can defeat a boss solo, but you will get a sense of achievement by accomplishing this feat.

Have It Your Way

The mode allows you to play the game your way without anyone dictating what you should equip or have in your arsenal. If you want to explore the map, you can go to Freeplay Mode, which also allows you to gather materials at your own pace.

Disadvantages of Solo Play

Some Quests Are Too Difficult

Some quests can be quite difficult to finish alone, which means that you must play Multiplayer at certain points in order to advance through the game. In addition, finishing a few quests solo may take more time than playing it with friends.

No Solo-Specific Missions

There are no solo-specific missions in Anthem, so choosing to play solo has little to no merit in terms of game rewards.

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