Anthem - How to Unlock Javelins

A guide on how to unlock Javelins in Anthem, including the characteristics and unique abilities of each Javelin.

What are Javelins?

Javelins are Exosuits that player characters, known as “Freelancers,” don while exploring the vast wilderness outside of their home fortress. Anthem has four different types of Javelins that have very different attributes, abilities, and equipment.

How to Unlock Javelins

Javelins can be unlocked by simply leveling up your Pilot Level by doing missions. You will be granted access to a new Javelin of your choice at levels 2, 12, 20, and 28. Though you will eventually unlock all of the Javelins as you play the game, it is important to plan what playstyles you want to focus on early on.

Characteristics of Each Javelin

Javelin Features
Ranger Advantages
Very easy to handle, extremely versatile. Charges a shield if it does not receive damage over time.

No particular area where it excels.

Colossus Advantages
Powerful melee attacks, particularly jumping attacks. Can use Shield Bash. The most durable of all Javelins.

Suffers from poor mobility. Has no shield.

Storm Advantages
High elemental firepower and can teleport.

Has extremely low defense.

Interceptor Advantages
Can perform a triple jump, good evasive movement, and improved barrel rolls. The most agile of all Javelins.

Has low defense.

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