Anthem - Gear and Customization Guide

A guide on Gear and Customization in Anthem, including the various types of Gear and how to obtain them.

Gear and Customization Guide

Below are the terminologies related to customizing your Javelin in Anthem:

  • The Forge
  • Loadouts
  • Crafting
  • Appearance
  • The Vault

The Forge

The Forge is basically your own garage where you try out and set up your weapons, gears, and armor. It is also your place for crafting equipment and customizing your javelin. The Forge can be accessed from:

  • The terminal beside the Javelin platform in Fort Tarsis (next to Zoe)
  • The Launch Expedition Screen
  • The Javelin Launch Bay


Loadouts refer to the combination of items you have put together when customizing your javelin. Multiple loadouts can be made for each of your Javelin variants. Remember that each Javelin has its own specific items that you can equip. For example, Storm javelins can only be equipped with Seals.

When using loadouts at The Forge:

  1. Select Javelins.
  2. Choose the javelin you want to be customized.
  3. Select Clone Loadout to make an exact copy of what you have currently equipped
  4. Select New Loadout if want to start it from scratch.
  5. Name your Loadouts so you can easily tell them apart.
  6. Equip the items you want to use in your new Loadout
  7. Save your new Loadout.

Customizing Javelins with Gear

Assault Gear

Javelins can be customized in the Forge using gear to enhance their performance in combat. Players can equip up to two pieces of assault gear to their Javelin.

Support Gear

Players can equip only one piece of support gear on their Javelin.

Gear Rarity Level

Gear comes in various levels depending on their rarity. The rarer a piece of Gear is, the better bonuses it will grant. Below is the order of rarity for Gear, starting from hardest to obtain to easiest.

  • Legendary
  • Masterwork
  • Epic
  • Rare
  • Uncommon
  • Common

How to Obtain Gear

Gear can be obtained in a variety of ways. Raising your Pilot Level will reward you with certain types of gear. You can also find gear as loot drops, mission rewards, and through exploration.

Gear Blueprints for Crafting

While completing missions, you may occasionally find blueprints. These schematics allow you to craft various pieces of gear that match your current Pilot Level.

Crafting Weapons and Equipment Guide

Using Paint and Materials

Changing the appearance and material of your Javelin

You can use different materials to modify the texture of your Javelin. Depending on the material used, your suit can be customized to have a number of looks.

Painting you Javelin

You can paint your Javelin after you’ve selected the material you wish to apply to your suit. Changing the colors of your Javelin is also free.

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