Anthem - Tips for Beginners

Tips for beginners in Anthem. Included are the advantages of multiplayer as well as the benefits of flight.

What is a Javelin?

Know and understand the basic features of each Javelin before venturing further in the game. Click on the name of a Javelin to read an in-depth overview of the class.

Each Javelin has a unique specialty. Make sure that you try them all and pick which Javelin suits your playstyle most.

How Can I Raise My Level?

Tips for Beginners

In Anthem, you need to play three different game modes to gain EXP and items.

  • Missions (Story)
  • Stronghold (Dungeon Crawler)
  • Free Play (Exploration)

During the early stages, you may first need to complete several story missions to have a sufficient level to try strongholds.

Use Flight

Tips for Beginners

You can use flight to move quickly between objectives and around the map. Since the flight gear can overheat, you will need to cool it down regularly by landing. You can then fly again once the cooldown process is complete.

When Missions Get Too Difficult…

Change Weapons

Tips for Beginners

Enemies become stronger as the game progresses, so upgrade your arsenal whenever possible. The higher the weapon’s rarity, the stronger it is, so try to save your resources to buy weapons.

Effective Use of Gear

Each Javelin can equip two pieces of assault gear and one of support gear. By using gear, you can easily activate combos that make defeating enemies much easier.

Use Special Skills

Each Javelin has unique special skills. Activate these special skills if you are in a dire situation or if you want to deal massive damage to a boss.

Evading Stronger Enemies

If you think the enemies are too powerful for you, it is best to avoid them and instead head towards the objective.

Play Multiplayer

Tips for Beginners

Although you can play Anthem alone, it is recommended that you try multiplayer during harder missions. Having a squad with you makes defeating hordes of enemies much easier. In addition, teammates can also resuscitate you after you are killed, so having them makes you last longer in battle.

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