Anthem - Game Controls

A list of commands in Anthem, including the button inputs and the specific actions that they make the player perform in the game

Anthem Game Controls

PS4 Xbox One Action
B Evade
× A Jump / Thrusters / Land (during flight)
Y Melee
X Reload / Switch Weapon / Interact
○ + Left Analog Stick B + Left Stick Air Evade (during flight)
Directional Pad Up Directional Pad Up Ultimate Ability
Directional Pad Down / Left / Right Directional Pad Down / Left / Right Use Emote
L1 Left Button Ability 1
R1 Right Button Ability 2
L1 +R1 Left Button + Right Button Ability 3
L2 Left Trigger Aim Weapon
R2 Right Trigger Fire Weapon
R3 Right Stick (press) Hover in the Air
Left Analog Stick Left Stick Move / Throttle and Banking Control (during flight)
Right Analog Stick Right Stick Camera / Steer (during flight)
Option Button View Button Access Cortex
Touch Pad Menu Button Menu

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